Raising Awareness


Just Because .....

Your bowel scrape test came back negative
Your CEA was low
Your CA-125 was low

Does not mean you don't have bowel cancer.
I had no symptoms other than bowel habit change over 9 months.
No weight loss. No lumps.

I got repeatedly knocked back because all these tests I took came back not indicactive of bowel cancer.
It was not until I finally was granted a colonoscopy that I got a correct diagnosis.
Already stage 3 tumor.

Peeps, do not ever take blah for an answer. You know when your body has gone wrong. Please, keep at it until you get a proper investigation, because it might be your life at stake.


Absolutely @kittimac! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am definitely all for pushing (pushing and pushing) when you just know something is a miss. :x::x:

Pixie O

Hi @KittyMac , your experience resonates with mine. One doctor even said she wished she had my blood and suggested I take a look at my diet. Hmmmm.


Yup :x:


I agree @KittyMac, even after diagnosis a GP from my surgery expressed disbelief because my bloods were ‘all fine’.