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Just Because .....

Your bowel scrape test came back negative
Your CEA was low
Your CA-125 was low

Does not mean you don't have bowel cancer.
I had no symptoms other than bowel habit change over 9 months.
No weight loss. No lumps.

I got repeatedly knocked back because all these tests I took came back not indicactive of bowel cancer.
It was not until I finally was granted a colonoscopy that I got a correct diagnosis.
Already stage 3 tumor.

Peeps, do not ever take blah for an answer. You know when your body has gone wrong. Please, keep at it until you get a proper investigation, because it might be your life at stake.


Absolutely @kittimac! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am definitely all for pushing (pushing and pushing) when you just know something is a miss. :x::x:

Pixie O

Hi @KittyMac , your experience resonates with mine. One doctor even said she wished she had my blood and suggested I take a look at my diet. Hmmmm.


Yup :x:


I agree @KittyMac, even after diagnosis a GP from my surgery expressed disbelief because my bloods were ‘all fine’.


We had exactly the same x thanks for sharing :x:


Mark was told he didn’t have an acid enough stomach 😤

Sarah :x:


@KittyMac yep, so true, 8 months of back and forth from GP, always put down to IBS 😤 already at stage 3 when finially got sigmoidoscopy, I persevered as knew something wasn’t right :x::x:


@KittyMac I was exhausted and felt run down so went to the GP and requested bloods in October 2017. The range for iron is 10-204, I scored 12. The GP said that due to irregularities they wanted to retest me so I had another set of bloods in December 2017. They never retested the iron and so I just thought I was working too hard and I was then diagnosed with asthma (?!). In July 2018 I went to A&E and was severely anaemia, which then led to an investigation and bowel cancer! Very frustrating but I have never seen the same GP twice which doesn’t help when you have an issue! :x::x:


Amazingly, the Registrar I saw at the hospital outpatients was very dubious about even booking me in for the colonoscopy because of my presentation symptoms, but did it reluctantly " I don't think you have cancer..." he said.
Then at the actual scope, the doctor doing it said "if you had come to my clinic with those symptoms I would have knocked you back to low priority"
Then she started the camera, and a moment later the whole room fell silent as the tumor loomed into view.


Another example - my friend had no symptoms AT ALL. Blood test for something else unrelated came back showing moderate Anemia. GP was luckily on the ball and sent her off for more tests, which showed cancer of the cecum. She had a right hemicolectomy in February but things proved advanced and she died yesterday.

Sometimes nothing can prevent a late diagnosis.


I am sorry to hear about your friend @KittyMac, my sincere condolences to you :x::x:


I had five years being told by GP that my symptoms were classic IBS symptoms, it was only blood when wiping a few times, that got me urgent referral.


Oh no ! I am so v shocked & saddened to hear about ur friend; my condolences :x:


@KittyMac really sorry to hear that about your friend. Hope your ok? That is incredibly fast! Very scary stuff.


Thanks to all for condolence. Its tough losing your favorite peeps.


Thinking of u & sending love 💗 & hugs 🤗 :x:

greyhound gal

How very sad @KittyMac, it is shocking how quickly it can all happen :x::x:


@KittyMac your were right , always listen to your body. Gut feeling always can help. My father wasnt well for a long time was told he had piles but we pushed for colonoscopy. Then they found a tumour. Always demand scans its the only way.


@KittyMac very sorry to hear about your friend. Do try to be positive and stay strong.gla that you persisted and got it diagnosed and undergoing treatment. All the very best for your treatment.
Regards and best wishes