Just Diagnosed


what a crap year so far

went for a colonoscopy and after much poking around and prodding etc, got the news that there is an abnormal area seen in the sigmoid colon..

Feeling very numb and emotinal now, trying to make sense of it all.
Its affecting my sleep, I am so stressed at work I have been making silly mistakes , which when spoken about makes me feel worse.

CT scan this week and then a couple of weeks later appointment at the clinic.

Loads of worries as I have been with the firm for less than a year that if I am off for 6 weeks no sick pay and have a mortgage etc..

Its been a shit year and this has capped it off

any advice


Good for you @lego_chap That run time sounds impressive enough!

Hope today goes ok. We'll be thinking of you



Hi@ Lego-chap sending best wishes for your appointment today :x::x:


That's good about the running. We are with you in this @lego_chap , you are not alone! Thinking of you today. Gypsyxxx


didn't get the job, but hey ho, got great feedback so that can wait.

Its been very up and down emotionally, have been in for pre assessment, and all good, match fit, was given a date 07.05.for a rummage around and remove a few bits..

Then this week they move the appointment forward to the 1st May ,so time to get on with things, now its a rush to get things sorted.

Met the anaesthetist and had a chat about choice of music while Im having a kip , says he will do his best, i hope the surgeons like pink floyd :)

Finding I'm up and down emotionally and still cannot sleep well , but going to try something organic to help.

it still feels like a bad dream, but trying to focus on the future.

thanks for the messages via here and angel090 I will message you at some point for advice with finances


Not at all surprised to hear you’re not sleeping well atm; gd you’ve got a date now & hv met Anaethetist etc. Wishing u all the v best of luck with the op; a new job can wait until you’re feeling recovered . Love 💗 & hugs 🤗 :x:


Dear @lego_chap , it will get better once the operation is over and done with. We'll all be supporting you and cheering you on! :x::x:

greyhound gal

Hi @lego_chap, you just have to believe that you’re behaving normally! We all get frightened and scared about the future, some are just better at covering it up!!
It’s great that it’s not too long until your operation. Take care of yourself, Wendy :x::x:


Great to see the date for op is pretty soon @lego_chap. As @Gypsy says, I'm sure things will feel a little better once that's done and dusted and you can start your recovery! One step at a time is usually the best way at this stage.

We're all here for you either on main forum or you can pm any of us.

Lots of love and very best wishes



Just wanted to say hi and welcome. Sorry to read you are struggling at work with it all. All i can say is once treatment starts you'll feel like you have regained some control of your life again.
Sending positive vibes your way. Hugs. 🤗💙💖


@lego_chap Hi there !! Sorry you find yourself here!! But this is a forum full of very supportive and kind people. The treatments are good with bowel cancer despite them being severe. My bruv had this and is now back at work with his stoma and is cancer clear.
Also for my wife - she had quite a bad bowel cancer and now is clear = but emotionally it takes it out of you. I am the one who took the emotional hit out of both of them!! My boss was very understanding and I was able to adapt my work around appointments etc. I kept working through though as it was better for me emotionally.
Have a great day


Hello All.

so a week later and now on the slow journey to recovery..

I had my Op on the !st and the day was scary to say the least, what with the air conditioning breaking down prior to my op and having to wait till the theatre got warm enough, being sent back up stairs then 2 hrs later in I went..

to having a major melt down minutes before going under the knife, the enormity of what was going to happen, to what they might find, etc etc..

Then the realisation that from the cleaners all the way to the man ( my surgeon) who I consider as Gods right hand man, as he has cut me open removed a 7cm tumour , cut my lower bowel , re joined it all , and then stapled me up again, people have been there to get me through surgery and I will be eternally grateful.

I had week in Hospital and apart from 24hrs when I was pretty ill , the stay was brilliant, I must have walked miles up and down the corridor trying to "wake up" my bowel , even when the worry of it wasn't working and i was in floods of tears , the comforting shoulder of a nurse was there in an instant.. and I have had a poop !!!!

I cannot believe that my surgeon came in on Sat night , off duty to check on me and did an ultra sound and told me what was happening and what we needed to do .. I was blown away.. He even saw me after rounds last week had a prod and poke told the ward nurse to remove my drain, and in his words.. "Go Home " ...

I feel so humble and I owe a debt of gratitude of those women and men of the NHS who have looked after me from the second I was diagnosed with bowel cancer

The journey is not over, there is a long way to go , mentally Im still fragile, but real men are not afraid to cry, i know ill get there , I have had time to look at my life and stress , long hours are no long er for me as life is for living and as I have a young daughter , id rather spend time with her.

Thanks to all those who reached out from this forum.. it will be my time soon enough to play it forward..


Dear @lego_chap , what a lovely post- and brought a tear to the eye. Well done, you! You have done so fantastically well and an amazing difference from your early posts. You've had the surgery; you've come through despite all your fears- fantastic achievement. Of course the NHS are great but you're pretty amazing yourself. Gently does it now as you continue to recover- sending you a gentle hug and big pat on the shoulder too for how you have coped and are coping. Yes, I think most are mentally frail at some stage or other (I was the world's worst) but the great thing is on here, we can be fragile together and give encouragement and kindness to keep one another up.
Love and hugs, Gypsyxx

greyhound gal

Wow @lego_chap! Like @Gypsy has said, the difference in your post today to previous ones is amazing. Well done you, you should feel proud of yourself 👍
You will get there, there will still be fears and upsets but now you know you can get through it! And we’re always here for the good, the bad (and the ugly!! - sorry, I couldn’t resist it!!). We support each other, Wendy :x::x:

Bear G

So glad to read it’s gone so well and you’ve had such good care. Great that you’re home, relax now and enjoy your steady recovery. Take it easy and remember to be kind to yourself.
Big hugs


Well done @lego_chap . Take it easy and have a good weekend.


Good to hear your news @lego_chap 😊
Best wishes for a continuing good recovery.


A great update @lego_chap , I bet you feel so much better tucked up in your own bed!

Yes, it's amazing what we can do, when we have no choice. I still remember my middle of the night hysterics and the kindness of the nurse who brought me chocolate icecream!

And, like you, my surgeon visited me on his day off....we are so lucky to have such caring professionals.

Onward and upward..... :x::x:


V well done 👍 u @lego_chap !
Congratulations! Proud of u !
Wish u a full & steady recovery; b kind to urself. Take care, love 💗, hugs 🤗 & healing vibes :x:


fantastic post, hope you are enjoying being home with your family,wishing you a speedy recovery, all the best, john. :x::x:


What a positive post @lego_chap . You have come through that barrier and we all can see you are stronger and positive now. Now take it easy and enjoy spending time with young daughter.
Yes I think most of us have had positive experiences with the NHS even when things didn’t go to plan. I have to say the NHS National Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and for Bowel Cancer has saved my husband, and both his surgeon’s have been very very supportive. Yes his CRC surgeon visited my husband everyday and on the weekend too, even if it was just to say hi and check his results. 3cheers for our NHS, Hip hip hooray👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼