Stage 4 bowel cancer


Scan results, good news

So after chasing these results several times, instead of calling me as arranged they phoned my hubby at work.
Thank goodness it’s good news. His liver lesions have stayed the same for the past few scans so they now think they are benign. CEA is less than 2 and there is nothing else to report. Next CT is in 6 months. We will see the liver team in June after an MRI, but can relax for now.
I was really worried earlier today so can’t believe our luck.
We had to cancel a holiday when Andy was diagnosed and we will finally get to go next week, knowing that we can truly enjoy it.
I know a few of you are waiting for results, so I’m praying for good results for you too. :x::x::x:


Yeahhhhhh So Happy you finally got the results and all is good 😊 have a wonderful holiday :x::x:

greyhound gal

Great news @KarenE, and I hope you have a great holiday too :x::x:

island girl

@KarenE , fantastic news, have a wonderful holiday 💖 :x::x::x:

Diane Marie

Great news :x:


Fabulous news.. really happy for you We are still waiting for the scan results!! 5 weeks.Hoping for good news too. Enjoy a great holiday :x::x::x::x:


@KarenE oh what fab news = now party - you deserve it


What great news @KarenE and a huge relief for you both, I’m sure. Now go and have the best time on that well deserved holiday ☀️!
Love to you both :x::x:


Oh wow, you enjoy your holiday sounds like you really deserve it!



Great to hear your news @KarenE, have a brilliant holiday :x::x:

bizzy bea

Fantastic news! Have a great holiday! :x:


Wonderful news @KarenE- and now for that holiday!! :x::x::x::x:


Thank you everyone. I have tried not to think about our holiday incase we needed to cancel it again.
So now I’ve only got till next Friday to get organised. I do hope your husbands results come through soon @abergirl and that you get good news too. :x::x::x:


Thanks so much @KarenE ..the waiting is agony! You will be packed and ready by Friday exciting. It's a lovely feeling!! 😍


Fabulous news @KarenE!

Hope that case is almost packed!



What super news. Get packing and enjoy the holiday :x::x:


Brilliant news. Go ahead and thoroughly enjoy your long awaited holiday. Get packing.


@KarenE fantastic results, glad everything is stable for Andy 🙏🏻 Hope you are having a fabulous holiday :x:


Great news @KarenE enjoy your hols :x::x:


Fantastic news @KarenE have a great holiday


Fabulous news for you both! @KarenE

Now go and enjoy that much deserved holiday!

Lots of love