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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Can someone plz put my mind at rest

Getting very upset with my team at the mo. So had biopsy last Thursday Al very miserable liver surgeon said afterwards he was adiment he'd found a spot of cancer on my peritoneum near to lobe 8 of my liver. He was so negative and basically said even though my liver lesion in lobe 6 of liver was fine to operate that I'd be put on palliative chemo. So panic set in. Contacted oncologist who said I'd be discussed at min mdt meet and that options were possible like hipec etc and they call I. Tues. Well I wasn't discussed cos they didn't have results of biopsy back and now just been left chasing them and promised calls back but not had any all I'm asking if for them to confirm that's there's hope/options and that it's not just palliative chemo that's being discussed but all I've got is now an appoontme t to see them next Wed to discuss the mdt meet. My head is now assuming the worst that cos they now won't talk over phone like they originally agreed that it must be bad news and that the liver surgeon was right. I can't stop panicking. It's odd because the colerectal nurse said in his opinion they could operate. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Plz tell me that I'm just being stupid thank you all. Big hugs :x::x:


Dear @ cara, sending love and hugs and hoping that you can hang in there until next Wednesday and can then receive some reassurance. Lots of love, Gypsyxxxx


Hi Cara

It sounds like there's a period of new uncertainty here that bloomin cancer repeatedly throws at us! The whole chasing and awaiting unmade telephone calls drives us potty doesn't it? Ive been there too. I'd try to plan busy and distracting stuff until Wednesday when hopefully..........all will be revealed including a revised plan for you!

Take care



Hi @cara
Please don't panic!

From what I've read here, some doctors are just really negative, try not to let it bother you. It's great that your options are being discussed by all the specialists together and I am sure they will come up with a great plan. Remember that sometimes chemo is is the better option and doesn't mean that they have given up on you.

Hope you can do some fun things and kerp busy and that you get some answers very soon. :x::x:


Yes @cara it is so difficult waiting for results and you can often wrongly assume all kinds of things during the wait. Keep positive and determined like you sound you are. And if anyone is overly negative always consider a second opinion as it sometimes / often throws up alternatives / options .. lots of love and strength to you xxx Anniexx


Hi @cara sorry so quick message but deep breathing and new plans will come. There’s always second opinions and remember @Bear G has been on ‘palliative chemo’ for 6 years! Think of it as maintenance. Lots love :x::x::x::x::x:


Thankyou All soo much x husband spoke to registrar today n they have said palliative chemo is not the only option the treatment isn't palliative yet n he didn't understand why surgeon had said that. Mdt is Monday. I feel so relieved I honestly started to write my goodbyes today. But then received this glimmer of hope. Honestly I'm an emotional wreak I'm gonna start anti depressants tomorrow that doc prescribed so hopefully I will feel calmer soon. Thanks for you lovley people I wouldn't cope without you :x::x::x::x::x:


Oh u poor thing @cara ; sooo soz to read your post. Really hope antidepressants help u to cope with this bit of waiting around for treatment plans; pls hang on in there & try ur hardest to hold on to hope for better future health & happiness. Thinking of u & sending lots of love 💗 & warmest hugs 🤗. Well done 👍 ur husband got ringing to clarify what you’d been told :x:


@cara that is great news about the surgeon saying the wrong thing- I honestly don't know what goes through these doctors/surgeons minds sometimes, I don't think they realise the impact their word choices have on us. I hope you get your new treatment plan soon so you can get cracking 💪

I too take anti-depressents and also have a prescription for diazipan (valium) which has been so helpful for periods of severe anxiety (such as waiting for scan results and treatment plans!). I hope yours helps you to feel better soon and that you get your new treatment plan soon too. Love, Cat :x::x:

greyhound gal

It is unbelievable what the surgeon said to you @cara, totally callous. I really do think that these ‘professionals’ need to remember that they are dealing with real people that are in a very vulnerable state .
Thank goodness for the registrar! I hope that you find some relief in the medication Cara,
Wendy :x::x:


On the other hand, 'palliative' is just a word and there are lots of folk on here doing extremely well long term on palliative treatment. All it means is that they no longer think that they can cure you at the time that they say it. But Suze on here (for one) was on palliative treatment and is now 1 2 years on, clear of cancer and signed off by her oncologist. :x::x::x::x:


@cara it’s good to hear your other half managed to get some others. Surgeon don’t know how to talk to patients- well from my experience. Try and get urself occupied until Monday and don’t lose the hope, we will overcome this stupid illness. Sending you best wishes.❤️

terri m

Hi @cara. So sorry to hear you have been dealing with all this c--p , but that glimmer of hope will be on your side.. Hoping the anti depressants soon start to kick in, & you feel stronger to tackle anything.. Inc some of them unempathetic medics .. Love & hugs to you xx💗


So sorry to read your post @cara, some people in the medical profession are so negative. I’m really pleased that there are options for you, and if you are not happy please get a second opinion. I have been on Citalopram throughout my cancer diagnosis, and have found it keeps me as calm as possible most of the time. Best of luck to you, love Diane :x::x:


@cara - oh what a terrible journey you have been on!! Feelings are facts! What you feel is real and sadly the team was stressed when you talked it with them. Some doctors do have a negative aura when they talk = we get that sometimes. They don't mean it - its just their way of talking. Its rather like Dads Army = some are up for anything (Jonesy)and others find it all terrible (Frazer)!!
Lets hope that now things will move on more positive way and get better for you. Everything is possible with treatment and there are many people on here - who after everything = are fine!!
Here is an Easter Egg for you and your hubby :x::x::x:
You are very brave
Hans :x::x: