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Stoma Siting Pre Surgery

I have read a number of posts saying that patients have seen a Stoma Nurse pre surgery. I was wondering whether it’s standard procedure at most hospitals to get a stoma sited whether you are going to have one or potentially not.

Initially I was not expected to have a stoma but following a leak I ended up with one. It hadn’t been sited pre operation and so the Surgeon guessed the location. So I’ve had a nightmare six months with regular leaks 🙈 Can’t wait for a reversal! :x::x:


It is a standard procedure to see a stoma nurse pre-op to pre-plan the siting of your stoma. Surprised you never saw one.
I assume from your leaks that you’ve got an ileostomy?
Unfortunately they are prone to leaking more than a colostomy due to their high liquid content.
Like you I hate mine with a passion


Hi @Jomo9
Yes, you probably should have seen a stoma nurse but I doubt if it would have made a difference. I'm quite sure the surgeon uses his/her own judgement and experience about the siting anyway.

I saw a stoma nurse before my op, she was horrible, really upset me (She was my father's nurse before me and was useless at helping him too, which made it worse). I refused to see her again but the other nurse was great and, although I hated my ileostomy too, I managed with only a few catastrophes.


Good morning @Jomo9

I saw a a stoma nurse prior to HIPEC and CRS surgery. She marked a circle for it if it had been necessary and I was also prepared for a possible urostomy but luckily needed neither 👍 Fingers crossed you can a reversal in due course!

Lots of love



Hi @Jomo9, I had my bowel resection at UHSM, the stoma nurses sited two big dots, one at colon, the other at ileum. Good luck with everything.:x::x:

greyhound gal

Morning @Jomo9, how are you feeling in this sunny weather? Does it help with your joint pain?
I did have 2 big dots placed on me the day before my op for either a colostomy or an ileostomy. The problem was that I was incredibly bloated (looked like I was carrying twins, and even was given a pregnancy test when we’d visited a@e),so I bit of guess work was involved! I now think my ileostomy is a bit too high, but stuck with it now!


Hello @Jomo9 I was marked pre op too, but I didn’t need the stoma.
I hope you get your reversal soon :x::x::x:


We were marked but they do typically only mark you if its planned and there no guarantee the surgeon will put it there :x:


I have just read your comment about leaks. I only recently had op and have had a few leaks. Yesterday they changed my bags to convex ones. Apparently I have a loop stoma and as a result my output was going between the stoma and running for its life.
The convex bags work by pulling the stoma out and although it does feel slightly like i have a Hoover pipe around stoma, I find these bags much better. :x:


Hi. Just to add my husband never saw a stoma nurse pre op and it wasn't really discussed with him I assume the surgeon was not expecting him to have one which he didn't in his first op but he also had a leak and second op was an emergency one so was not really time for any discussions other than to tell him he would probably have one. Chris :x: