Stage 4 bowel cancer


Oxiplatin....can’t take anymore!

I haven’t been posting much on here of late. But when my two lung nodules refused to go despite Cyberknife my oncologist decided the best course of action was six cycles of Folfox/Oxiplatin. Well the first cycle landed me in hospital for a week with what medics initially thought was Sepsis, but subsequently proved to be no more than a bad reaction to the chemotherapy together with a secondary infectioni. Second cycle laid me low for eight days as indeed did cycle 3. But cycle 4 really caused problems with agitation and confusion being rife to the extent that my GP now has me on Diazapan which is helping.... but of course I can’t drive and am permanently spaced out but that’s beats the blind panic I suffered before.
Having got to cycle 4 I’ve decided not to endure any further cycles of this chemo.
I just wonder if anyone else has suffered at the hands of Oxiplatin. Any help or advice gratefully received. Good luck to you all. John2628 :x::x:


Hi I struggled with oxiplatin but not the same as this. It effected my leg muscles was in a wheel chair near end of chemo for few months and still suffer with the hands and feet when cold. I also had allergic. Reaction each time could breathe, muscles seized up etc so they gave me anti hystamines before and after transfusion which helped. Somehow got through 12 cycles but I won't lie it was brutal. Can they give you a different chemo I've also had folfiri and that was much better for me hope u find an alternative xxx sending big hugs :x::x:


Hi @John2628 I had similar reactions to oxaliplatin on my first two cycles and ended up in hospital each time. After the second admission my oncologist reduced the dose as he said I wouldn't be able to complete my chemo if he didn't. It made a huge difference (4 days per cycle of feeling rough, but just lay on sofa watching TV and eating biscuits🙂 Nothing like the first two cycles), so might be worth asking if this is an option? :x::x:


Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling @John2628. Sounds like you’ve done the right thing. I’ve not yet had chemotherapy for my lung metastasis (no node involment) so I am not really au fait when it comes to chemotherapy regimes for the lungs, although I have had oxycap as neoadjuvant and just cap (5FU) as adjuvant (pre lung mets) but was just wondering if there is not an option for you to continue chemo without the Oxy? Cap only perhaps?
Lots of love :x::x:


Hi @John2628

I'm sorry you e had to endure these horrible episodes associated with Oxaliplatin. It just proves how different we all are with medicines and chemo. I hope you can continue on chemo without the Oxy.

Hoping your otherwise keeping pretty well?

Lots of love


Rob H

may be they can reduce the dose a little. after 6 cycles my oncologist did this for me and it worked wonders


I had 10 cycles of Filofax with not too problem , but all of a sudden after cycle 10 I developed severe peripheral neurology. As I had had 10 cycles my oncologist stopped my Oxaliplatin. Its made no difference yet- in fact if anything it is worse, with little feeling in my fingertips. Apparently this is normal after coming off oxaliplatin.
There's no way I'm going back on it


Hi @John2628 so sorry to hear how you have been suffering with Oxy. I think you must be very lucky not to have any side effects from any chemotherapy. I hope they can find you an alternative combination of drugs. I still suffer with neuropathy following Oxy, but I have to think I’m lucky for it not to have been worse. I did have a dose reduction and a slower infusion during my cycles, which probably enabled me to tolerate it to the end. Best of luck Diane :x::x::x:


Thanks to @Catt79 and @cara for your kind help and advice.....