Stage 4 bowel cancer


wild gene delays

Morning everyone, I am about to have my second round of my first line of chem (Folfox); meanwhile I have been waiting 6 weeks for the results of wild gene testing to see whether they can add Centuximab (I think it is!) into the mix. If the results aren't in today it will be a month from the start of chemo before I can benefit from this. Does anyone know why this particular test takes so long? And the implications of *not* starting on it for a month?


Good morning @Jon, I don’t know the reason why, but I do know that testing for the KRAS mutation can take up to 3 months, - that seems pretty standard. If you are KRAS wild type they will introduce Cetuximab alongside FOLFOX. I waited at least two months and there was no impact on my good response to treatment. Take very good care, Kim


Thank you @Lirio345, that's encouraging. Feel I am losing valuable time...