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Oxaliplatin dose

Hi, I am worried that my dose of oxaliplatin has been reduced too much. I had quite bad side effects after my first cycle of oxaliplatin with capocitabine. Nausea lasted over a week and peripheral neuropathy lasted the whole 3 weeks. My oncologist suggested that the dose be reduced to 75% but when I checked the strength it has reduced to 60%. Is this still going to be effective? He also changed the antiemetic to palonesteron so I’m not sure if it’s the dose reduction or the new antiemetic that has stopped the nausea this time.
The main side effect I get from capocitabine is a feeling of GI blockage. Hoping that this is GI and not cardio! It seems to be relieved by omeprazole and Gaviscon.


Morning @SazzleJ i think they can reduce things down quite alot and still be effective. They start high doses as they dont knkw how people are going to react.
Check out my threads ans you'll see i have has 3 cycles and are having issues with the capecitabine tablets.
If any doubt phone then and confront them about it, dont be afriad to question them!


Hi @SazzleJ and welcome!

I wasn't even prescribed oxalyplatin in the 1st place, because my oncologist explained that, given my particular circumstances, the risks from neuropathy outweighed the adjuvant benefits. Here I am, nearly 4 years later, fighting fit! Obviously everyone's situation is slightly different with greater or lesser risks, but we can only be guided by the experts.

As for the anti emetics, I ended up with a whole cocktail, as some caused constipation and some caused diarrhoea, so again it all depends. As @EssexDan says, it is always a good idea to query these things.

Best wishes


Hi @SazzleJ, lower doses definitely still work. I had both oxy and cap reduced and got excellent tumor shrinkage.

If I were you I would check with your team about it being 60% not 75 though, just to make sure it's right as it's not what you were expecting.

I'm just wondering did your Dr prescribe Gaviscon? I'm only asking just to make sure as I know some stomach medicines should be avoided but don't know which!

I do think the new anti sickness drug could be having a really positive effect as when mine was changed I was so much less ill. I also found the neuropathy reduced loads after the dose change.

I was also worried that a reduced dose would be less effective but I needn't have been 🙂 I hope your team can clear up the confusion about the amount of reduction soon for you, all the best, Cat :x::x:

greyhound gal

Hello @SazzleJ, I’m very similar to you, on my first cycle my fingers were staying numb when cold to the end of the 3 weeks. I then had a 2 week break to see if they would recover, but not enough for the oncologist so I’ve just been on Capecitabine for the last 2 cycles
I have read a report that 60% of a dose of chemo is the lowest limit to remain effective. Ultimately your quality of life with regards to the potential peripheral neuropathy is taken much more seriously nowadays.
My main side effects of Capecitabine are red, sore feet and chest tightness.
Best wishes, Wendy :x::x:

Colin Oscar Pea

It's not uncommon to reduce the dose towards the end. I wanted to plough on but the onc realised I was in a bad way and reduced the dose for the last two cycles