Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


CEA level

Just received my first ever CEA level which is 2, I presume this is in the range of normal :x:


It certainly is @Coppertop!

Hope you're doing well.

Best wishes



Hi @Baxter2, 6 weeks post surgery I am generally doing ok, a couple of issues, constipation being one of them (feels like the equivalent of passing a babies head) gp gave me Macrogol to try but if i dont take enough it makes no difference but if i take anymore it goes the opposite way and a nerve type pain low down on the right-hand side, got my post op appointment on Monday so hopefully get some idea what's going on, how's things for you :x::x:


Yep, all good :x:


Anything below 5 is normal (7 for smokers)


Yes this is good news @Coppertop :x::x::x::x:


Sounds like you're making a great recovery @Coppertop (apart from the annoying constipation issues!) Hopefully your appointment on Monday will be helpful and you can get something to help.

Things are going fine for me thank you! I had chemo on Wednesday so being kind to myself today and relaxing (great excuse to have a lazy Saturday!)

Have a nice weekend and good luck for Monday.

Lots of love



Thanks for all your kind messages over the last number of months. Been to see my fabulous consultant today and I am cancer free, 6 monthly CEA bloods, ct scan in February and the dreaded moviprep for a colonoscopy in March, the pain on the right hand side is due to inflammation of the tendon :x:


I was told anything under 5 is normal. Really you need 3 CEA tests done over time then you can compare.


My post op CEA level was 0.8 so I am hoping it stays that low. Waiting for results of another CEA test at the moment.


Yeah anything undee 5 is normal. So thats good news right there.


Great news


It certainly is! Great news!

Best wishes



Great test result @Coppertop Be happy βœ…
Cath :x::x:


Thanks guys, a sad day yesterday, attended the funeral of a family friend who lost his battle from lung cancer, we both got diaginosed at the same time, I never went to see him in his last days at home, i didn't feel I could sit there and tell him that I am doing good, although when my eldest daughter went he did ask her how I was doing, all the emotions in this horrible journey, it amazes me how all you wonderful people cope and are so caring and encouraging towards others, take care each and everyone of you :x::x: