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Acunpuncture and chemo

Hi everyone, thanks for great responses on this forum. I am starting acupuncture alongside my Folfox chemo programme, and was surprised to be told by an oncologist to only have this treatment the day before or the day after chemo -- which means only once every two weeks, whereas I would prefer weekly. Has anyone come across these kinds of restrictions? If they are about avoiding cross-infection I am happy to regard them as erring on the side of caution but ignorable, but if there is evidence they can cut across the effect of the chemo itself (surely not?) that's different. Cancer Research UK is relaxed and even encouraging, mentions noting about having to limit treatments. Thoughts/comparable experiences welcomed.


Hi @Jon I had acupuncture throughout my 12 cycles of FOLFIRI. I had it once a week, to help with side effects and stress. I was never advised when to have it, my oncologist just said I was ok to have it. Not sure why your oncologist has been specific about timings :x:

Bear G

Hi @Jon
I’d suggest asking your oncologist why these restrictions.


@Bear G yes, am going to do that tomorrow - @Polly68 tho you confirm my sense that this is an overreaction -- thanks.


@Jon think there was a trial at Christie’s where they were testing the benefits of acupuncture on chemo day as part of the treatment. Not sure what the outcome was but at the moment the hospital acupuncture team won’t give it until post treatment.


@Jomo9, interesting -- well I all the more reason to check with oncologist then, in case there is a good reason.