Stage 4 bowel cancer


5 yearers -- what's your secret?

Really interested to hear from people here who are still going strong/still fighting/in remission/cancer-free 5 years after diagnosis. Especially if, as me, they had an inoperable liver (15 mestases, widely distributed). Presuming you accepted chemo (but if you didn't, that's interesting, too) which line of treatment seemed in your case to be most effective? Did you make changes to lifestyle/diet, etc, and if you did, what were they? Did you take any supplements or turn to any alternative/complementary techniques?

El Ivan

Hi @Jon I’m doing pretty good at the moment, have a look at my profile which documents the treatments I’ve had so far, and at one point I was told I was inoperable. I’ve made no lifestyle changes as I didn’t really need to anyway. I love a drink but have always kept active and eaten a healthy diet. I have always stayed well clear of “alternative therapies and techniques “ as I personally don’t think any of them work.
Keep on keeping on. Ivan 😃


That's quite story. A reminder of the twists and turns that lie ahead. And though one would prefer not to have to go through any of it, also more than worth it, I guess. More power to your elbow!