Stage 4 bowel cancer


Operation waiting time- so let down

So I saw my consultant today, expecting to be given a date for my bowel op in the next two weeks. I finished chemo five weeks ago and he told me (and put in his letter) that he would operate 4-6 weeks after last chemo.

He has given me a date four weeks away, so 9 weeks after last chemo. I am gutted and furious as this is way past the time scale he said and I also have to have liver surgery to remove a met once I'm recovered from bowel one. I actually got pretty angry and refused to stay any longer in the appointment.

I feel like giving up, throwing myself in front of a car or something, as I feel like the hospital us just gonna let me die anyway by delaying surgery.

Had enough.


Oh @Catt79 I am sorry to hear about this. It will be no comfort to you to hear that this seems to be the way the NHS work. The only suggestion I can make is that you could make yourself available for a short-notice/cancellation list (but realistically it’s not very likely to improve your waiting time)
Please don’t despair, and certainly don’t do anything drastic.
Sending you lots of love :x::x::x:


I'm so sorry @Catt79 . While it will be of no comfort, I do not think that the extra delay will make any difference clinically but has a huge impact on you emotionally. I waited 3 months for surgery on my secondaries and that was with no chemo so nothing controlling them. It made no difference at all and I had a good outcome and still clear 7 years on. Love Gypsyxxx


A good response from @Gypsy @Catt79
You have a date now, try to focus on that and prepare yourself for the operation both practically and emotionally.


Hi @Catt79 After my chemotherapy had finished I was expecting to have my surgery a lot sooner and was worried when I got my date for my first surgery. I rang my oncologists as I was worried the cancer would grow again, she told me that they have to wait 6-8 weeks after chemotherapy has finished before they can operate.
I Had had the same operations that you are waiting for but mine where the other way round, I had liver done first then bowel.
I finished my chemo on 19th April first surgery was 4th July and second was 6th September and it was all fine.
Please don't worry, I know it's hard when you just want everything done and finished with. It's such a worrying and stressful time.
Take this little brake to get yourself as strong as you can for your surgery, they are both really big operations and you need time to recover from chemotherapy and get yourself strong again.

Be kind to yourself
Big hugs 🤗 and love❤ Tracey


Hi @Catt79 I waited 6 weeks after my chemo/radiation as they said that it keep working in your body for this long. I know the struggle your going through it seems so far away, but believe that the chemo is still working away and doing it’s job, gentle hugs, be kind to yourself and have this time to prepare for the op lots love Sal :x::x::x:


Please hang in there @Catt79 . I do not know how to comfort you further but the first operation is just around the corner now. When you have pulled around a bit from what feels like a big let down right now, treat yourself and do some lovely happy things. You know, it really helps to have some nice things to think on when you do go in for the operation.Thinking of you. :x::x::x::x:


Thank you for all your replies, I have just had enough of being let down. I will be ok but just wish that the nhs could one time not screw me over.


Ahh love im so sorry you feel this way, its so hard at times when you just want it all done and your life back. I made myself available for a short notice operation and got it after a few weeks of waiting. Only two days to prepare though! Get a bag ready if you op for this! Lol, but at least i didn't have time to get anxious/worrie about it.
Sending big hugs. Xx🤗


Soooo v soz that you’re feeling let down by the NHS & I can completely understand why.
You WILL be ok; try & hang on in there & get your strength back ahead of the ops. Pls take good care of yourself. Thinking of you at this frustrating time & sending love, 💗hugs 🤗 & healing vibes :x::x::x:

lorraine grant

Hi. I finished chemo then radiotherapy finished on the 24th August but didn't get my APR op until 10th Jan. That's what I call a LONG wait. Over 20 weeks! But having said that, with a stage 4 diagnosis and long wait, the MRI, CT and PET I had in Feb and March all came back with NED! How good is that even though I was beside myself with anger and frustration. So hang in there. It's not necessarily all bad. Think positive!


@Catt79 I can understand why you hate waiting and like to have everything planned in the initial timescales they have given you. I know it’s frustrating but I had my operation three weeks after chemo. I ended up having an emergency operation two days later as the chemo had weakened my bowel and the rejoin didn’t work. This operation was followed by 5 days in ICU. There is no way I would want to go through that again. I am desperate for a stoma reversal but definitely want the chemo out of my body this time! :x::x:


Hello @Catt79 how are you feeling? :x::x:


I think it looks like @Catt79 has become inactive on the forum unfortunately as her name is shared out. :x::x:


I think it looks like @Catt79 has become inactive on the forum unfortunately as her name is shared out.[/quote]

What does 'her name is shared out' mean?


Thank you @Baxter2. :x::x:

‘greyed out ‘ can mean someone has closed their account @belinda66 :x::x:



I did notice this a while ago and already flagged it up to head office. They did promise to reach out to Catt79 so she knows she's not alone and we are here to support her. :x:


Thank you @Tiffany, that is reassuring. :x: