Stage 4 bowel cancer


Peritoneal nodule by the liver

Hi everyone so got the confirmation today that whilst being off chemo for 4 months to have pelvic and lung op I have had spread to perietonium. I think it's one large nodule. I also have liver met that us operable but been told need. To go on chemo to try n shrink nodule in pertonium as its too large to remove at mo. So does anyone gave any positive stories if chemo working in this thing? I'll find out tomorrow what type if chemo but I've read on Google its hard to treat so hoping for some positive stories x also been told thus isn't palliative treatment yet so hoping for positive outcome xxx thanks in advance xx hugs n love to all :x:


Would definitely recommend asking about CRT and HIPEC surgery, which seem to be increasing in popularity as treatments for peritoneal tumours/mets

Bear G

Hi @cara
I’m sorry to hear that you have new mets to deal with but it does sound like your team already have an action plan for you which is good.

I’ve seen lots of people’s stories on here where they’ve had success in treating isolated peritoneal mets with chemo. In terms of which chemo, it’s really a case of which one works for you best, is the plan to use the one that’s worked for you previously? Hopefully that’ll do a great job on both your mets to allow surgery.

@Chelts has rightly mentioned things like HIPEC for peritoneal mets, but that’s probably an option for a bit further down the road after chemo and if your met isn’t removable, it’s could be worth discussing that with your team when you see them so that it’s there as a future option..

Good luck with this and fingers crossed your chemo will work it’s magic for you.

Big hugs


Good morning @cara, you have already received some excellent advice above but I would just like to add that general googling can be soul destroying. The information and statistics are very often out of date by at least five years. You probably know that you can use the search facility on here (top right hand corner) and/or click on people’s user name to read about current experiences and treatments. Stay in touch, Kim :x:


Thinking of you @cara. Hoping for chemo magic in you. Loads of love, Gypsyxxx


Hi @cara, don’t really have any positive stories for you but I can say that if you can get HIPEC it’s a really encouraging sign as they only really take cases where there is a good chance of success (whatever that means!).

Marks peri mets sprang up because of his resection surgery (in his scar tissue) but the 5fu did shrink it.

Fingers crossed for you, you poor love you’re so young!

Sarah :x:


My partner had bowel cancer In sigmoid colon with peritoneal lesions mediastinal mets liver mets stage 4 and we’ve recently heard that after being told more than a year that he is inoperable and not to get our hopes up becaus it will not become operable ... well it had become operable! So don’t give up hope!!