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Chemo break

Hi, you all wonderful people!☀️
My hubby just came back from his appoitment with our oncologist, unfortunately I couldn't be with him this time. He is on last 4th cycle, our oncologist likes that blood looks excelent and wants him to give 5 weeks chemo break. Scans in 2weeks. Just a little worried that during this break there could be more spread..or does this is ok time for chemo break? My husband didn't ask any numbers of tests..Just wondering what exactly they are checking in blood tests...🤗

Bear G

Hi @matilda
Please don’t worry, this type of chemo break is routinely used to give the body chance to recover.
I’ve had breaks of up to 4 months in my maintenance chemo.
If there was a risk they wouldn’t do it.
Big hugs


@Bear G Thanks..☀️ Oncologist said that blood looks extramelly good, so he can take a break of chemo a little bit. Scans will show more how the treatment goes further.


This sounds very positive @matilda , enjoy a little break away from it all before the scans, your hubby sounds like he is absolutely smashing it!! Hope you all can enjoy some family time in the sun this weekend :x::x::x:

island girl

@matilda, this sounds really good, now relax & enjoy Easter with your lovely hubby & children. You both deserve this break. Lots love & big hugs 🤗🥰 :x::x::x:


Hey the oncologist is expert in your husband's case so they know what they are advising so go with it and enjoy the break away from all what was the new routine. Hugs :x:

greyhound gal

That is good news @matilda! Time to take it easy, rest, relax and some fun family times :x::x::x:


Just had a 3 week break and it really recharged my physical and emotional batteries ( being at the beach didn’t hurt either!). Just accept the good news and enjoy 😉


Ah this is really great news @matilda sounds very positive. So so pleased for you! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend and enjoy a much deserved great break. Try not to think about cancer or treatment for a bit, it can sod off! 🤩🤗


That’s great news, so go take a great break. This will recharge all of you and it also gives you an opportunity to relax and going away sounds a great idea.


@charleyb Thanks 😘 I really hope there will be more good news after such a hard five months🙏☀️
@island girl @waiteh @greyhound gal thank you so much ☀️😘 We really try to enjoy holidays..tomorrow he will take last Capecitabine pills and emotional already looking forward for chemo break 🙂
@bogongbelle Thanks. Just told to my hubby that he will enjoy this break for sure... really looking forward to help him gain weight during this time!!!
@Ruth563 @jj Thanks! Just had lovely barbeque in our garden..he have always been master of it and have not lost his skills to be honest... Was so nice and lovely.. I am too sceared to relax and believe in positive .. but I will learn to believe again!!! 🙏🌅☀️

Happy Easter to everyone of you! Thanks for being such a support 😘


Hi @matilda,

So glad things are going well and your both looking forward to a nice break away from chemo! Hopefully a good few tasty bbq's and the weight will steadily increase!

Lots of love to you both



Hi @matilda ! Hope you and hubby are enjoying your break. I also have trouble keeping any weight on and have gone from a size 16 to a size 8 since I began my cancer journey almost 3 years ago. It’s costing me a fortune to keep up the wardrobe! Best of luck to you both :x::x::x:


Hi @matilda I hope you are having a nice Easter weekend and enjoying the weather! My boyfriend is also having a break from his treatment at the moment, they said it could be 6-8 weeks. We get his scan results on Friday though, so maybe they will want to start more chemo soon. I thought I would be more scared waiting for the results but we have been so busy recently, which is a good distraction. I'm wishing you and your husband all the very best for the next stage of your journey, and I hope you enjoy this little break :) :x::x::x:


@Baxter2 Thanks, Karen! 😘
@bogongbelle Thanks. He is down to 65kg from 95kg 🙁 No musles, no fat... looks so sceary and different. We are used to..but I can see others shock when they coming over to our house.
Hi, @spannerkate Was wondering how are you going recently. Wish you a very good scan results 🙏☀️ We are still waiting for our scans to be done. Hopefully next week, and will probably have scanxiety after that, for sure. But at the moment we really try to enjoy holidays, quality time with boys.. and even forget a little bit all about "C". Wish you the same 😘😘😘☀️