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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Suggestions for soothing the derrière please.

Hubby's constipation sorted but he's now suffering with very loose output and is suffering with a very sore posterior. He has tried sudocrem, germoloids, aloe vera, Vaseline, wipes with loo paper, washes with e45 wash, preparation H wipes; struggling to find a way of cleaning up and protecting the skin on his 'inner cheeks'.


Maybe you could try the sort of creams used for babies with nappy rash - metanium is very good. @jamtart Hope he gets relief soon

Bear G

Hi @jamtart

I think a lot of us can sympathise with this!
I found Anusol helped me, using both the suppositories and the cream. There are 2 types as I recall, I used the one with 4 actions (can’t remember what they were).
Fingers crossed for fast relief!

Polly 1

Hi @jamtart glad the constipation is sorted but sorry to hear about the sore bum.
My hubby mostly uses Sudocrem, Vaseline and Anusol. Also try splashing warm water on it if you have a bidet available or you can get a little basin that fits in the loo - I think it's called a Sitz bath.


Hello @jamtart We used the bidet that sits in the bath too and the shower on coolish and dried the sore areas just patting with dry wipes and a hairdryer on cold setting Also kept AloeVera Gel in the fridge and used plenty of it
And this stuff from our Oncologist
Cath xx


Hi @jamtart, I agree with all the above. Definitely try to get a bidet for bath or loo, bathe in cool water. Dry with hairdryer on coolish setting. I found anusol good, also germoline (the one with some local anaesthetic), Aloe Vera etc. I find sudocreme rather horrible to wash off.
Something that Americans seem to swear by is 'Calmoseptine', they don't sell it in the UK so postage is expensive but it might be worth considering. Best of luck I know how horrible this feels. Sarah :x::x:


@jamtart I use Pro-Shield foam spray with a dry wipe for clean up. Pro-shield also make a barrier cream which can be useful for protection from acidic leakage. If things are getting sore I use some Conotrane cream.

If very painful I have some Instillagel. See if you can get your team to prescribe some of these because they make life less painful in the rear.

Best wishes Kitty


@Deemar @Bear G @Polly 1 @KatieR @SariDaffs @KittyMac thanks for all your suggestions. I asked at Chemist when picking up catheters and have senset cleansing foam and dry wipes, which within a day have already made a marked difference