Life beyond bowel cancer


Speeding towards 6 month checks.

Well believe it or not its nearly been 6 months already since my operation to remove that horrible T4 lump. Its been one heck of a roller coaster too!
However all of a sudden im now at that crucial 6 month check up mark.
Had the meeting last week with the head colorectal nurse and have been informed colonoscopy and endoscopy in 2 weeks time. Then scan 1st week in June.
I have to be honest i am plopping it a bit yes! But am trying not to let any of this impede on my current life.
Never imagined i would be in this situation as i sit and contemplate thoughts on my 14 year wedding anniversary! but hey neither did any of us did we.
Anyway thought i would share this little update with you all.
Thanks for being here for me over the last 6 months all.
Dan. :x:


Thinking of you @EssexDan . :x::x:


@EssexDan il be thinking of you sending positive vibes and happy forthcoming anniversary Iv just celebrated my 26 th :x::x::x:


You have come so far, so just stay strong and positive. Wishes for your 14th anniversary. We will be celebrating our 35th on Sunday. My husband was positive he wouldnโ€™t be here for it when he was diagnosed in January!!! So lots of best wishes, prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.


Good luck to you @EssexDan

greyhound gal

Well hello there @EssexDan ! I am, of course, sending the bestest wishes :x::x:


Hi Dan,

Glad to see that youโ€™re still posting. I hope the forthcoming checks give you positive news.:)

All the best. :x::x:


Hello Dan

Hope the upcoming scan and colonoscopy go well, I've got my colonoscopy on Tuesday and 6 month scan in July......

all the very best :x::x:


Good luck @EssexDan and congratulations on the 14 year anniversary.


Good luck @EssexDan and @GD62.
Sending positive wishes for the coming weeks :x::x::x:


Thanks all. Next week now (he says biting nails).
Good luck to you too @GD62


Congratulations on ur 14th wedding anniversary :x:


Good luck @EssexDan
I have my 18 month off chemo scan tomorrow night. I am scared but am now a bit like what will be will be. I've spent a few weeks thinking about best case and worst case but none of us 'know' but we are here now so plan to make the most if it ๐Ÿ˜˜


Good luck to you too @1234annie. And i think i'll adopt your mental attitude too.:x:

Quote from @EssexDan:
Good luck to you too @1234annie. And i think i'll adopt your mental attitude too.

I swing from really having my sh*t together to falling apart!! It's all normal and these check are very very scary. I don't think it becomes any easier, you just learn to sit with the uncomfortable feelings a bit better. I will keep it all crossed 4 u. :x: :x:



Just sending all my very best wishes for your colonoscopy and scan! I'll have everything crossed for you!



@EssexDan I'm a bit late posting on here but wanted to wish you good luck for next week, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you! ๐Ÿคž :x::x:


Thanks so much all. :x: