Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


When you realise the chemo starts in two days.....

And you realise how blissful those few precious normal weeks post surgery and pre mop up chemo were...!

Hey guys it's been a while! Pre-chemo fear starts! My other half is having his pre-treatment and pic line tomorrow and the chemo starts on Tuesday! Really not looking forward to this! Just thought I'd post where people understand aha!

Hope your all well



Thanks guys, I think it's more the we have had a really normally period of 4 weeks with no doctors, him feeling great and we know that's likely to not be the case with the chemo! It's also the thought of another 3 months of it but it has to be done :x::x:


Good luck @MrsMoors and @Sam61. You have got this....soon be done . Lots of love :x::x:


You just have to embrace it as a good thing @MrsMoors
I had 6 months chemo but didn't find it too bad till after 3 months. I used to go to Tesco with my chemo pump on and out for dinner!! Our children were 8&11 at the time. The first session is the worst as you don't know what to expect but after your though that it will fly by! Is he having folfox? :x:


Thanks Annie x appreciate that, I think so it's either FolFox or FolFri lol :x::x:


Hey @MrsMoors good luck for husbands chemo.
And dont forget this is only mop up. Some do a full course others only managae a couple!


Thanks Dan, yes it is only mop up and it was optional to us the oncologist said if it was him or his family he would have it so were following his advice! I'll let you know how the first cycle goes tomorrow :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @MrsMoors
I have to confess that my first cycle of chemo was probably the worst, and that was entirely my fault! I completely psyched myself out beforehand, I went into it knackered and negative.

But most of the issues I faced in that cycle were caused by me being stressed. Luckily I realised it and decided to change my approach, the rest of my cycles have been so much better.

The main thing I changed was that I realised that it was MY chemo and it was there to help me! From then on I looked forward to my chemo and viewed it as my friend and ally.

Hopefully you and your other half can approach the chemo with more of that mindset and I hope it helps.

Big hugs


Same situation for me as for your husband - didn’t have to have it but surgeon said he would if he was me. Much preferred the surgery; 4 cycles of chemo seemed an uphill struggle but started cycle 3 on Friday so not too much further to go. I find that round about day 4 of a cycle is the worst (that’s today for me) but I’ve managed to work from home and it gradually gets better so that by weeks 2 and 3 I’m back at work full time. Different drugs for me to your husband (I’m in Capox) and everyone responds differently. Just keep reminding yourselves that it’s a relatively short period of time out of what will be lots more years of your lives. It’s do-able.


Hope all goes well @MrsMoors and @Sam61. I will be starting my mop up chemo some time in June. Meanwhile I'm off on a trip to Spain to help recuperate from my surgery in April and build up my strength. Chris :x:


Feel for you so much x Weve had a terrible day too Hubby pre assessment Chemo starts Wednesday He didnt want to know side effects but nurse had to tell him so he may help avoid some He was so positive Now hes not happy swimming no gym no ice cream no steam room no sauna no roof off car etc etc .wish i could have it for him


Yeah, own it!! Take boiled sweets and comfy clothes, mags. Take a cheeky photo too! Here is one of mine....see I'm still smiling 😊


Good Luck @MrsMoors hope it's going well! And fab photo @1234annie !! Xxx Annie xxx.


Were in and ready! Cheeky photo for you all xx


Lovely photo @MrsMoors hope it goes well today lots of love Annie :x::x::x::x:


Thanks guys! Well today has been an interesting day! This IV chemo is a whole different lark, luckily we have now developed a morbid sense of humour ! :x::x::x:


@MrsMoors you have to keep your sense of humour up. I always sent my friends photos of me being followed to the toilet! xx


Sending you both best wishes @MrsMoors hope all goes well :x::x:


And looking at those photos you would have no idea that any of you have had bowel cancer! Crazy huh.

Quote from @EssexDan:
And looking at those photos you would have no idea that any of you have had bowel cancer! Crazy huh.

Nope!! Bloody scary eh!
He's looking good @MrsMoors 😘