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Female 60 y.o.

July 2018. Bowel cancer screening kit sent off. By return post i got an appointment for a colonoscopy.
09 August 2018. Colonoscopy revealed a tumour.
17 August 2018. Biopsy results confirm cancer.
22 August 2018. CT scan.
22 August 2018. Consultant appt
Told it's a mid-rectal tumour
24 August 2018. MRI appointment.
31 August 2018. MDT meeting agree CT scan clear. MRI gives them confidence they can remove tumour without radiotherapy first.
20 September 2018 - high anterior resection. 15cm removed.
28 September 2018 - staging T3 N2 M0. 4 of 24 lymph nodes infected.
12 October 2018 - Oncologist appointment. Capecitabine and oxaliplatin to be administered over 4 cycles.
5 November 2018 - start of cycle 1
26 November - start of cycle 2
Bad reaction to capcitabine resulting in hospitalisation for severe diarrhoea and sickness. Only managed 5 of the 14 days of capcitabine.
17 December 2018 - the start of cycle 3 has been delayed by a week to allow me to recover from the last couple of weeks.
24 December 208 - cycle 3 starts, both oxaliplatin and capcitabine reduced by 20%.
7 January 2019 - the 3rd cycle went better than we even dared to hope. However my bloods came back with a low count and they've delayed my 4th cycle for a week.
12 January 2019 - bloods came back and my count is still too low. Cycle 4 is again delayed. I've got to see the oncologist before anything further is given.
19 January 2019 - my neutrophils are still too low. They've even dropped the acceptable level from 1.5 to 1.0 but I was 0.9 so no go. If my level is up to 1.0 next Friday they'll go ahead with cycle 4 but I'll be given self administered injections to increase the neutrophil production during my chemo.
26 January 2019 - neutrophils still low and delayed another week
4 February 2019 - cycle 4 commenced. Neutrophils still quite low so injections given to self administer for 10 days. Cycle went well.
4 March 2019 - bloods got add-asprin trial.
7 March 2019 - started a phased return to work.
13 March 2019 - neutrophils count back and it's low at 0.52.
16 March 2019 - neutrophils up to 0.99
20 March 2019 - Surgeon told me to go away and pick up my life again and he'll see me in 6 months. Get a scan in September. He said there's a 60 to 70% chance of being cured. That's not as high as i thought :( scary
October 2019. Well my 1st post surgery CT scan came back clear. The surgery site is looking good and no sign of any spread.
October 2010. 2 years post surgery and my CT scan came back clear. Relief.
December 2010. 2 year post surgery colonoscopy. Nice healthy bowel, well healed and barely visible join. No sign of anything to be concerned about.