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Female 66 y.o.

65 years old, previously fit and healthy and retired 4 days before diagnosis of cancer. 2 children who don’t live locally but very supportive.
Stage 2 Bowel cancer with T4 tumour.
Emergency operation after being constipated for 8 days. 3 days in hospital on drip before op 19 August. 25mm tumour and 47 lymph nodes removed.
As tumour had pierced bowel wall chemo recommended, either 3 months with 4 :x: infusions or 6 months capecitabine tablets. Decided on recommended 3 months as want to get over and done with.
1st infusion 7 October and 2nd one 28 October.
Side effects apart from nausea and tiredness have been first bite, eye tear pain for first few days, cold flush and sensitivity to cold objects for first couple of days. Feel like needles in my upper thighs after 2nd infusion but seems to have died down day 2.
Next infusions planned for 18 November and final one 9 December if all goes to plan.
Diarrhoea late into 2nd cycle may delay cycle 3 due 18 November. Find out 17 Nov if I will need to go to hospital for blood/stool test and drip. Currently on codeine phosphate and loperamide which has helped.
18 Nov cycle cancelled due to severe diarrhoea. 3rd cycle now 9 December with reduced dose of capecitabine- down from 1500 to 1150 which hopefully will reduce side effects.
Final cycle due 30 December with last tablet on 12 January 👍