Amanda Sandham

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57 years old, married with 2 grown up children and 2 grandsons.
I've always been fairly active and love walking. Although I'm a fair bit heavier than I was in my youth, I don't smoke, eat very little red meat and only drink occasionally. My GP assured me that I wasn't a likely candidate for bowel cancer(!) I do have an aunt and a cousin, both on my mother's side, who have also had treatment for bowel cancer.
I retired in March 2020 and had fantastic plans for my new found time. Covid had other ideas.
I first noticed a bit of mucous when I went to the toilet and the occasional bit of blood about the time when I finished work. I didn't worry at first as I'd had a heavy cold and thought it might be related. Then, after a lifetime of very regular bowel habits, I started having to go more often and was passing what I think of as 'skinny poos'. I had a telephone consultation with my GP who referred me immediately. Because of covid, I had appointmentsin an unusual order but by July I'd had 2 CT Scans, 2 MRI scans, a colonoscopy and numerous blood tests. A 2cm tumor was found in my rectum with a couple of dodgy looking lymph nodes. I had 5 days of radiotherapy at the beginning of October and am having a low anterior resection with loop ileostomy on 16th December with a question mark over chemotherapy after the surgery.