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So our journey on this hideous rollercosaster began back in December 2020 when my partner of 22yrs was called up for further investigation following a routine bowel screening. It came totally out of the blue as he had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. We were convinced that at worse he might have a polup or two, never would we have quessed that the colonoscopy at the beginning of January 2021 would find a growth so large that the scope could not be passed beyond it! CT scan later that month showed a large tumour but appeared contained and nothing seen elsewhere so all looked fairly easy to deal with. Some 6 weeks later he underwent a Right Hemicolectomy. During surgery a couple of suspect marks were seen on his liver but he could not be scanned until 6 weeks post op. Fast forward 7 weeks and we get the devastating news that my partner now had stage 4 incurable bowel cancer with liver mets, we both felt like we had been hit by a train. An operation was not an option as he had numerous small spots throught the liver so chemo was the recommended treatment.
Mid May he started on Folfox chemo. At this point he remained extremely well, had no symptoms and nobody would have quessed he had cancer.
1st chemo cycle went well with very minimal side effects, slight nausea on day 1 and some tiredness for a few days after.
2nd cycle not so good as he developed sepsis a few hours after coming home with the pump. Chemo pump was stopped a day early and he was in hospital for 5 days on IV antibiotics. No source of infection was found. Thankfully he recovered quickly.
3rd cycle was largly uneventful appart from one episode of vomitting (I told him to take the anti sickness tablet but he knew best!!) and a few days of tiredness again.
Then a week after cycle 3 he was found to have multiple DVT's to the PICC line arm. Commenced on blood thinners, PICC removed and re-sited to left arm but all this meant that cycle 4 was pushed back by 2 weeks and should now happen next week.
We have had a glimmer of hope this week that all this is worth it with the news that his CEA has already reduced from over 50 post chemo to under 20 at last check.
Update 19/07 - he has been in hospital since Friday with cellulitis to the new PICC line arm and today another clot has been confirmed to that arm even though he remains on treatment from the previous DVT! So chemo will now be pushed back further!