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Hubby experienced some PR bleeding for a while went to gp twice to be told ‘piles’ lost a bit of weight mid 2016 became very tired went to private gp in end , elevated liver enzymes , ultrasound led to ct scan thoracic and liver , led to liver biopsy , led to colonoscopy led to bowel cancer diagnosis with spread to liver and lungs... wtf!!!! Started immediately on folfiri with avastin. 12 cycles with not very nice peripheral neuropathy but still working in own business . Swapped to folfiri with cetuximab when genetics came back ‘wild type’ 5 doses then liver resection . Bad infections no chemo for 5 months , 2 small liver regrowths . Still working !!! Back on full dose of everything end of jan , April , bad dose of clostridium dificile caused by long term antibiotics for cetuximab rash ! on intensive care for 10 days . Another break for 6 weeks after with some growth . We r now on 5th reduced dose of folfiri with panitumumab (oh yes forget to say hubby had dreadful allergic reaction to cetuximab !) we feel we take two steps forward three back but I guess everyone here feels the same and that is the nature of the beast ! Hubby still runs own business , we still holiday abroad, sometimes long haul and we still have a lovely life together 💕 life can be tough but we can be tougher . New mantra In Life is ‘ you are allowed 5 emotional minutes in the day then you have to be gangsta !!! ‘ you guys are all amazing and have got me through some hard times :x::x::x: been on the folfiri with panitumumab with various little breaks due to fungal infections , shingles , cumulative side effects , managed a couple of stable scans April so got some liver ablation and then a little bit of lung ablation , 2 more doses of chemo July , scan showing stable so a month off now till end of August :x::x::x: