Ashford Al

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Male 64 y.o.

Ex Bt engineer ,diagnosed with 5cm rectal tumor,ApR,surgery in June now have a bag for life, 4 nodes positive outta 11 on Histology alas one is the Apical node,,permanent tinnitus now from nowhere,12 Rounds of Folfox scheduled from August,cancer scanned in September ,alledgedly clear but found a pulmonary embolism no symptoms ,put on blood thinners ,now chemo paused at approaching round 6 as white platelets down to 82, watch this space lol 😁.Update,chemo reduced by 25% after delayed cycle 6 bad reaction treatment stopped half thro blotchy rash and itching on arms ,cycle 7 good with chemo reduction and antihistamine infusion at start .
Update, completed cycle 10 with. Antihistamines at start of each treatment and 25% chemo reduction low platelets at pre chemo 11 and peripheral neuropathy still apparent whereas it normally goes before next treatment so treatment stopped, still have neuropathy after 11 weeks altho seems a slight improvement so fingers crossed feeling a lot better now Folfox is very draining ,end of treatment scan in two weeks ,watch this space .Update ,end of treatment scan has now gifted me with 3 liver mets and a small lung met, Oncologist meet in 5 days to discuss etc.Update ,Apparently tis two liver mets,clearly visible and multiple tiny mets in both lungs ,Oncologist is suprised how fast the liver mets have arrived ,am prechemo tomorrow thursday and pic line reinsert next monday for Folfiri infusion tuesday ,here we go again am no longer cureable so lifes a bitch then you get cancer .