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Recently diagnosed ( 12th Dec 2019) bowel cancer stage 4 with secondary liver and probably lymph nodes. Scan after scan since then and finally consultant / surgeon said no OP because lymph nodes in Pelvic or around tumour site might be cancerous hence treatment will be under palliative plan and see if chemo can shrink lymph nodes?? Referred me to Oncologist and will be meeting oncologist on 27th Feb. Amazing how NHS works almost 3 months and no treatment and for some patients so quick chop chop and all done. Am I unlucky to have the rubbish team or is it fate ? Who knows? I also asked My GP to refer me to Royal Marsden and they refused to treat me so wonder how this wonderful NHS decides who to treat and who not to treat? I have worked in NHS almost 8 yrs I knew it wasn’t the best but didn’t think it was that bad or is it me UNLUCKY ? Anyway Chemo started on 12th March ( manageable side effects ) 2nd Chemo on 23rd March hit me hard . Hair coming off , ulcer in my mouth and no taste, sore feet , but I think I will survive . Will make changes here as my journey progresses ...Right continue to my journey I was operated on 23rd June 2020 at Princess Grace hospital it was a keyhole surgery and no stoma bag involvement which was a relief. Recovered well almost pain free now. PET scan done and thought they saw a small lesion on liver ( 3mm) and my onc thought best to remove it so referred me to Liver surgeon at Royal London. MRI scan done and they couldn’t find anything on liver so liver surgery not needed. Plan is me to be under surveillance now for next 5 yrs including scan blood test etc every 6 months.