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47 year old female.

Diagnosed with bowel cancer 1/11/21. Thought to be Stage 1 post MRI and CT scans, and curative with surgery....

High anterior resection on 26/11/21. Op and recovery generally good but discovered at histology appointment on 9/12/21 a spread to some lymph channels and 1 node out of 40 removed, so Stage 3. Found this v. difficult to process.

Started Capox on 31/12/21 - hopefully for four rounds/three months.
Round 2 started: 21/1/22
Round 3 started: 11/2/22
Round 4 was due to start: 4/3/22 but delayed due to a week of illness that unfortunately saw me admitted to A&E with a high temp, diarrhoea, dizziness and inability to drink or eat properly for several days. Tests came back ok so could have been a virus or bad reaction to Cycle 3, unsure.
Anyway, Round 4 now due to start: 11/3/22.

Hoping and praying for good health moving forward.