Regular user
Female 60 y.o.

Single female. IT Project manager and Childrens hospice volunteer
Dagnosed with bowel cancer May 2016 - had emergency op to decompress bowel and had stoma for 2 months
Primary tumour was then removed August 2016 and stoma reversed
Spread to piroteneum. Started chemo Oct 2016
Completed 8 cycles Feb 2017.
Referred to Christies for HIPEC.
HIPEC and Cytoreduction done 25th April 2017. Await review with consultant 're full outcome.
May 2017 - Histology all came back clear
Oct 2017 - 6 month surveillance scan all good - next surveillance scan April 2018
April 2018 - Scan showed mesenteric lymph node involvement plus 2 new tumours in peritoneum.
June 2018 - commenced 6 cycles of Capox via Christies. Finish end August 2018. Rescan. Review options after next scan.