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Male 75 y.o.

I was diagnosed in April 2016 with bowel cancer t3 n2 m0. I underwent chem and radiotherapy over 5 weeks. The tumour was said to reduce by half and in end October I had surgery, ended up with iliostomy.

I'm a fitness fan and my symptoms became more obvious in May when I was running, I was like a bear in the woods! So whilst I was being treated for haemoirds it was in fact cancer.
I've tried to keep a high level of fitness, eating good food whenever possible, taking high levels of vitamins. I've also taken care of my mental health ( retired psychotherapist) so I used Mindfullness and have been seeing a specialist psychologist to face some of my demons.

Surgery in November 2016 a challenge post surgery. Ended up with sepsis however recovered thank God. Don’t remember much of these days.
After being discharged from hospital the next day was my 70th birthday 9 November 2016 and the consultant surgeon rang me to say I was cancer free and didn't need further treatment until reversal of iliostomy. Best ever birthday present. Diagnosis reviewed and downsized to t2 n0 m0 after surgery and pathology.

All of my treatment was supported wonderfully by my wife Helen, my rock.My friends and family have also been great during this journey.
As well as running and gym work I sing professionally in a swing trio and take part in theatrical productions in my community. So relaxing with music, reading, walking my dog - Hollie- and time with my grandkids on school runs and mealtimes is important to me.

This year 2017 is an important treatment time, due reversal of iliostomy some time soon I hope.
I've started video blogs which I hope help others on a similar journey to mine.
I aim to live life fully without cancer being the centre of my life, I've more important things in my life to focus on!!

Added to my profile September 2017. Had iliostomy reversal in July 2017, now recovering. This has been challenging at times. Early days/ weeks spent in bathroom including overnight. This changed after week three Bm started to become quieter and less frequentu.

Review with oncologist October 2017 all good diagnosis now staged as t2 n0 m0. No further chemo etc as a result.

Now becoming a new normal, Bm two three times a day but have added prunes to my diet! Having reversal is great claiming my life back.

It’s now December 7 2017 and been to surgeon review first scan, colonoscopy and bloods review. Dates set for early into new year. In January had colonoscopy, bloods and scan done. Both bloods and colonoscopy fine but spot found on lung. Told would need follow up scan in 3 to 4 months, scanxiety!! . Scan done end April, got phone call from specialist nurse just five days later, lungs all clear! Thank God.

Now May 2018 for review with surgeon. Bloods taken two days later told all normal, next review November.

June 2018 oncologist review bloods and physical, all fond to be ok.

December 2018 and review with surgeon bloods fine and scan clear. Next review December 2019.

Oncologist review July 2019 all found to be ok. Next one July 2020. Had review July 2020, bog standard conversation by phone due to COVID.

Review with surgeon November 2019 bloods all good, next one 2020 November

Scare in November. Had black stools so endoscopy which showed no nasties. Then had colonoscopy as standard four year review and that was clear. So don’t know what caused black poo just a mystery. However found benign stricter in esophagus, so prescribed medication to control stomach acid.

So due to COVID had telephone review December 2020 with surgeon. Had bloods done including cea. All ok.
Now into year five 2021!

So it’s Feb 2022 and over five years since diagnosis. Review with surgeon all fine now awaiting discharge from service. What a journey! Love to all. :x::x:

Love to all. :x::x: