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Female 40 y.o.

Oct 2021 - My husband currently has Stage 4 bowel cancer - widespread mets in peritoneum and one small mass in the abdominal wall. He’s 52, fit and healthy with so much to live for. Oncologist wants to start FOLFIRI with a possible extra targeted drug, pending test results. Also, want to hear from at least one PMI specialist as the oncologist doesn’t think it’s operable or ever will be… is it that they’re always preparing you for the worst? It’s so hard… anything is possible! Believe and don’t lose hope, is something we tell ourselves all the time.

The story so far…
We sold our home in Feb 2017 and moved with our two youngest children (now aged 9 and 11) to California to start our photography business. Beginning of Jan 2018, my husband was bleeding heavily internally which ended up in the loo… a trip to the emergency room followed - a colonoscopy revealed a small ulcerated tumour in the bowel, which was removed 3 days later. Stage one so no chemo. Cured, the docs said! We had to return to the UK in July that year.

Back in England, end of 2019, unfortunately CEA levels had risen to 12.5 and scans revealed a lesion on the liver, activity in the abdominal scar tissue and in the porta hepatic node. 6 cycles of FOLFOXIRI before liver resection at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in mid-June 2020 during lockdown! Successful operation with small involvement of the porta hepatic, but no reoccurrence in scar tissue. 6 cycles of FOLFOX followed the op as a ‘mop up’

We have another opportunity to go back to the US in Feb 2022 where there are other drugs, treatments and trials available.