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Male 39 y.o.

I was diagnosed aged 32 in October 2014, with the cancer having spread to my liver and peritoneum.

I had chemotherapy (FOLFOX, Avastin) for six months and then surgery (combined bowel resection, liver resection, peritoneal stripping and HIPEC) in July 2015, followed by more chemotherapy.

I was told in April 2016 that the cancer has recurred in the para aortic lymph nodes and underwent further surgery in July 2016. While the operation was successful the the disease then spread quickly to more lymph nodes and I am now having chemotherapy on an ongoing basis as of September 2016. I am stable on treatment as of August 2018.

I try to live an active life, including plenty of exercise when possible. In May 2016 I completed a 10K run between cycles of chemo, to raise money for another cancer charity. I did it again in May 2017 and then in May 2018, so it is becoming an annual challenge! My husband is a keen cyclist and has raised money for Beating Bowel Cancer.