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I am currently caring for my husband who was diagnosed in October 2015 with colon cancer which had already spread to his liver and adrenal gland. He is receiving Folfiri chemotherapy - we are just hoping it will give him some extra time .
Update August 2016 - able to have liver resection and adrenal gland removed. Now recovering slowly.
Update December 2016 - able to have bowel surgery in October and is currently stable.
Update Jan18 - scan showed recurrence in 2 areas. April 18 able to have stereotactic radiotherapy to treat lung and lymph node. Keeping positive .
Update November 18 - ablation to treat a suspicious spot on the liver - still doing well. Now 3 years on we feel so fortunate.
Jan 19 to April 20 - on 3 monthly scans - some progression in liver but keeping well so no treatment as yet.
May 20 - further progression in liver and lymph node - agreed it is time to go back on chemo. Folfiri and Cetuximab - oncologist very positive that this will work again. Still feel so lucky to have treatment available. He has survived far longer than the initial prognosis and has a good quality of life overall.
Sept 20 - Really struggling with return to chemo despite lots of changes to medication for side effects and dose reductions. Chemo paused for a 2nd time.
May 21- Able to keep going on chemo despite all the problems. Tumours are stable. Take things one day at a time.
June 21 - Chemo paused due to infections.
Nov 21 - Following further problems since June 21 - tumour progression and kidneys affected/fistula in small bowel/blood clot in tumour- agreed no more chemo possible. Just making best of time left now. Still so very grateful for the years we have had.