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Female 65 y.o.

Diagnosed with bowel cancer July 2015. Had a bowel resection and will be starting adjuvant chemo beginning of October. T3N1M0.
Finished 12 cycles of chemo, with oxy removed on the 10th due to neuropathy.
Had end of chemo scan and all was clear, no sign of cancer.
Will be having 3 monthly checks alternating between bowel surgeon and oncologist, ct scan every 6 months, and annual colonoscopy.
Had CT scan and annual colonoscopy July 2015, both clear.
CEA levels continue to rise so having a PET San August 2016.
PET scan revealed 1 small liver tumour 4mm, booked in for liver ablation.
September 2016, liver ablation successful.
November 2016, MRI scan on liver all clear.
November 2016 saw bowel surgeon all clear next colonoscopy in 2 years time. CEA now normal 3. so happy it all went well.
January 2016 CT scan clear. Oncologist wants me to have 3monthly ct scans for the next year, and bloods every 3 months. Still can't have port removed.
End of March 2017, PET:Ct scan, bowel examination, all clear.
May 2017 onc decided another course of chemo as blood tests have indicated a possibility that there are still cancer cells floating around.
July 2017 clear PET/Ct and CT scans clear. NED therefore decided not to give me any chemo. Yipeeee almost a year clear, still praying and hoping every day
September 2017 PET scan, NED. Absolutely over the moon. One more year of 3 monthly scans!!
December 2017 CT scan - no evidence of disease. So happy, now 15 month clear. I pray I get to 24 months ♥️♥️
March 2018, PET scan showed NED and CEA now 1.4. So happy and extremely relieved.
July 2018, PET scan showed NED and CEA 1.2. Next scan in 6 months time.
January 2019, PET scan showed NED and CEA 1.2. Next scan in July 2019.