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Male 56 y.o.

I had 30cm of colon removed in December 2013. The original cancer had burst through the wall and attached itself to the bladder. I had been several times to my GP with classic symptoms and was told I was stressed. Only got a referral to hospital after I got GP to issue a referral so I could go private through work.
Staged as T4 N0 M1. 24 nodes removed during surgery and no node involvement Had 4 tumours on liver 62mm :x: 51mm being the largest down to 19mm :x: 17mm.
Journey so far:
Colonoscopy Oct 2013
Colonoscopy Nov 2013
Hartmanns Procedure December 2013
4 sessions of Capox with Avastin
Endoscopy June 2014
Liver resection June 2014
Pneumonia and Subphrenic abcess July 2014
Another 4 sessions of Capox September 2014
November 2014 had clear CT scan!
December 2014 Colonoscopy through Stoma and all clear.
January 2015 Stoma reversal
March 2015 Recurrence in Liver 2 off tumours and possible peritoneum area
March 2015 Portacath fitted
April 2015 Started 6 cycles of FOLFIRI with Cetuximab
July 2015 no further spread into peritoneum showing on scans just the 2 liver tumours
August 2015 Successful liver re-resection and both tumours removed.
September 2015 Started back at work full time
October 2015 cystoscopy with surgery for urethral stricture due to all the previous catheters inserted during earlier surgeries causing problems. All good now.
November 2015 scan showed no evidence of disease
February 2016 CT scan showed new tumour in liver, no further spread in any other location. Confirmed with MRI.
February 2016. Third liver resection undertaken and right hand side of liver removed
April 2016. Started back at work full time
May 2016. CT scan showed no evidence of disease
September 2016. CT scan showed no evidence of disease
November 2016. Portacath removed.
January 2017. CT scan showed no evidence of disease. Placed on to 6 monthly scans
June 2017. CT scan shows a new 7.2cm tumour in liver adjacent to hepatic veins. Initially told inoperable. Base line MRI taken and looks like I'm going back on the chemo again as there is a small chance that I may become operable due to growing a new vein in previously resectioned part of liver.
June 2017. PET scan shows no other areas of cancer apart from the 1 large mass in Liver
June 2017. New Portacath fitted
June 2017. Avastin, Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine 4 cycles then scan.
September 2017. Tumour reduced to 52mm so having another 4 rounds of Capox.
December 2017. Scan shows further reduction to 42mm. Pencilled in for surgery in Late January but dependant on liver being “fit” enough. Tumour is still enveloping the remaining 2 Hepatic veins so it’s a wait and see game at the moment.
January 2018. 4th Liver resection is booked for 31st January.
January 2018. Successful Liver resection carried out.
February 2018. Back in Hospital for IV antibiotics due to infection
February 2018. Back in hospital for IV antibiotics due to infection again
March 2018. ECRP procedure
March 2018. Surgery drain finally removed
April 2018. Back in hospital for IV antibiotics due to Sepsis
April 2018. CT shows no evidence of disease
April 2018. New drain put in through front of ribs to drain another subphrenic abscess.
July 2018. CT shows no evidence of disease
August 2018. Ascending Cholangitis due to stent in bile duct. Went for removal but had already self jettisoned. Ultrasound showed no nasties.
August 2018. Colonoscopy shows colon completely free of any polyps or nasties.
October 2018. CT shows no evidence of disease.
November 2018. Admitted to hospital for IV antibiotics and draining of a litre of fluid sitting behind liver.
January 2019. CT scan shows all clear and put on to 6 monthly scans. Have a new collection of fluid adjacent to liver but not giving problems so leaving it alone
February 2019. Fluid collection starting to give pain and discomfort and temperature starting to rise so in for another drain. Managed to drain approx 600ml and self irrigation for 10 days then hopefully drain removed.
March 2019. Feeling pretty good apart from all the hernias!
July 2019. 6 monthly scan shows NED. I’m so greatful to be in this position after all the treatment I’ve had. It’s the furthest I’ve ever been since 2013. Without intervention.
August 2019. CEA check and showing at 1.6
January 2020. CT scan still showing NED so been put on to yearly CT scans by the Prof with a 6 month CEA check
July 2020. CEA at 2. Prof is happy, so I’m happy.
December 2020. Scan brought forward by a month as I can’t stop coughing. Turned out to be lung infection so I’m on the antibiotics. Scan showed no sign of cancer. CEA is 1.4
March 2021. Chest drain put in again to remove fluid and back on the antibiotics. CT scan shows NED.
April 2021. Chest drain removed after removal of 800ml of fluid.
September 2021. Colonoscopy, all clear no polyps or nasties.
December 2021. Clear CT scan and all bloods good.