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Female 56 y.o.

Diagnosed with BC on 06/05/2021
17/05/2021 CT scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis
18/05/2021 MRI of pelvis area
25/05/2021 meeting with Consultant. Something indefinite was found in my liver. Planning an operation to remove bowel tumour.
02/06/2021 PET scan
11/06/2021 liver MRI
16/06/2021 met the Consultant. No spread on other organs. Going to have an operation within a month.
06/07/2021 LAR. 9 hours operation. Woke up with stoma bag. Operation was successful, all nasty bits removed.
12/07/2021 back home. Recovering well. Getting used to stoma.
20/07/2021 met the Consultant. Pathology results are back. Moderately differentiated adenicarcenoma. 3 out of 22 removed nodes involved.
16/08/2021 meeting the Oncologist for mop up chemo.
06/07/2021 started Folfox chemo.