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My husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2020 at 37 years old. He had 3 months of chemotherapy irinotecan, oxalaplatin and 5fu this shrunk the tumor enough for him to have a left hemicolectomy 1 out of 19 lymph nodes contained cancer so he went onto a futher 3 months of chemotherapy oxalaplatin and something beginning with c I can never remember the name of it, 3 cycles in to chemo he had he's check up CT scan which unfortunately showed cancer had come back and was now in para aortic lymph nodes we were told he was now palliative and will go on immunotherapy nivolumab. He coped really Well on the immunotherapy and it did keep the cancer stable but unfortunately 8 months into treatment he was hospitalised with grade 4 ulcerative colitis treated with steroids and infliximab he remains on the steroids but due to the severity of the colitis he can no longer have immunotherapy so now the plan is to do watch and wait with 3 monthly CT scans and if there's any progression during this time he will then be offered chemotherapy a combination of 2 drugs alongside panitumumab so this is where we are on this journey.