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Male 53 y.o.

Hi, I'm Iain (53) and I live in the Highlands of Scotland, was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer after completing the NHS Scotland bowel screening home test ( thankfully it starts at 50 I'm Scotland) hadn't really noticed any symptoms other than I was more tired than usual, put this down to work( I'm a funeral director/ embalmer) received theetter saying there was a problem which required further investigation, the next day I got a letter from NHS Highland to say they had received the results and would be in touch, very quickly everything happened, colonoscopy, various polyps removed however there was a 60mm one which could not be removed, urgent CT scan and MRI.. admitted to hospital on 16th June for an anterior bowel resection, operation successful however a few problems while in hospital meant a longer stay than normal, the day I was discharged was the day I was told it was stage 3 cancer which had gone through the walls of the bowel and had been found in 1 of 24 lymph nodes which they also removed, so headed home not really knowing what was happening, seven weeks later started chemo and 3 months later I finished 29th October, 2 months recovery and back to work in January, very part time and supposed to be light duties!! Boss has been great though, still struggling each day but I'm still here and fighting on, pleased to meet you all