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August 2019
On holiday in Croatia and passed blood a couple of mornings then it went. Put it down to change in diet. Had put on weight over the past year but that I had put down to menopause

December 2019
After a couple of occasions of passing blood on stools thought best get this checked out. Saw GP who said I had piles and a small tear. Left feeling much better.

April 2020
After another occasion of passing blood thought its the piles. Role on to end of March and there it is again. This time it didn't go. Over a couple of weeks my bowel habits changed so decided to contact GP. Covid was rife by now wasn't sure I'd be seen. Saw GP said I did not have piles. Referred to hospital but told not to worry was probably ulcerative colitis or crohns if at all

June 20
Colonoscopy day was not overly concerned. As the camera went into sigmoid area I knew what I could see definitely should not be there and knew what it was. My husband was called and when he arrived had my suspicions confirmed colrectal cancer.

Ct scan and appointment with surgeon to sort surgery. MRI needed as an area on liver needed checking but surgeon felt it was nothing of concern.

July 20
Surgery to remove sigmoid and lymph nodes

August 20
Stage 3 1 lymph node and a blood vessel. PET scan just to check liver

October 20
See oncologist following PET scan 4 lesions on right lobe of liver. Now it's stage 4. 6 rounds of folfiri and possibly surgery on liver

February 21
CT and MRI scan 1 week after chemo finished. MRI showing lesions have shrunk and no other lesions. PET needed to confirm. Call to meet liver surgeon to get everything moving ready for surgery. Pre assessment done so thought great everything going ahead.

March 21
PET scan and unfortunately 2 lesions in left lobe no surgery. My world fell apart.

May 2021
6 cycles of folfiri and cetuximab.

August 2021
CT, MRI and PET scan all looking good for surgery on liver all be it in two stages.

October 2021
Left lobe liver resection and multiple ablations. More than were expected. CT scan end of month.

November 2021
Portal and hepatic vein embolisation. Unplanned ablation on left lobe of liver as new tumor.

December 2021
Right lobe liver resction. More tumors than originally thought but all out. Surgeon very happy and hopes he doesn't need to see me again. Referred back to oncologist to see if any chemotherapy needed or close surveillance. Should find out in January.

January 2022 after being told NED a few days later new tumor on left lobe of liver near major blood vessel.

February 2022 IRE procedure on tumor. Hopefully that's obliterated it

I can beat this. I have a daughter in second year of A levels. I want to see her achieve her goals of going to uni and become a history teacher