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Female 48 y.o.

Single mum owned by two teenagers, two cats and two kittens!

Feb 2020 Diagnosed with caecal cancer - stage 3 T3N2M0, only symptom being iron deficiency anaemia.

March 2020 Right hemi-colectomy, coronavirus scare whilst in hospital, thankfully negative, now recuperating in lockdown!

Final staging is stage 3 T4N1aM0, clear margins, no vascular invasion and moderately differentiated cells. Cancer found in only 1 of 45 lymph nodes. Commencing CAPOX adjuvant chemo on 19th May.

Managed my first post-surgery run on 7th May, only week 1 of couch to 5k but it’s a start and I hope to keep it up through the chemo!

19/5/20 1st cycle of Capox tolerated well with minimal side effects

9/6/20 2nd cycle slightly tougher in the first week due to colder weather, bring back the 🌞

30/6/20 3rd cycle easier than the second as the weather is warmer. It’s a mental battle as well as a physical one

28//7/20 4th and final cycle, I got to ring the bell at hospital 🔔 this last cycle has wiped me out and I’ve slept for England. Side effects have all gone and looking forward to finishing the treatment next week!

Scan due in early August to “see what’s what” - slightly nervous but fingers crossed.

Returning to work on 7th September after seven months off! Feels like I’m finally getting back to normal, just waiting on a CT scan and blood test!

17/9/20 CT scan, nervously awaiting results. Have started Pilates and Swimming in an attempt to maintain an exercise regime. May get back to running and tennis one day!

2/10/20 CT scan clear. Onto 5 year surveillance. Such a relief to be able to move on from this journey, try to remain positive and continue to live a healthy life.

10/11/20 first bloods, CEA is less than one. Next tests due in March 2021.

Apr 21 second bloods, CEA still less than one. Colonoscopy was clear, consultant very happy with the clear scan and the join of the bowel was good. Next tests due September 21.

Sept 21 third bloods, CEA is less than 2 and I’m booked it for a CT scan next month. Scanxiety returns!

Jan 22 My 18 month post surgery CT scan is ALL CLEAR!! Such a relief - keep on trucking!

Mar 22 fourth bloods, CEA is 2, slightly higher than last time but the measures have changed apparently and it’s still within normal range. Feeling optimistic and sincerely grateful to the NHS for saving my life 2 years ago. Gave back 9 months of volunteering at a vaccination bank last year.

This forum is the most wonderful, supportive place with some amazing people who give us all hope and positivity :x::x::x: