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Underwent adjunct FOLFOX chemotherapy following surgery for stage 3 bowel cancer in January (10 cms of large bowel removed, with 25 lymph nodes, cancer cells found in 7). I had a temporary Ileostomy. I completed 7 out of possible 12 chemo (Folfox), but then stopped due to a continuing problem with low neutrophils. Some neuropathy in face, fingers and toes, continuing to present day. Hair loss quite dramatic after chemo finished til 8 weeks afterwards (luckily I have thick hair!) Reversal of the ileostomy took place on 28th August. Took 5 days post op to pass a motion, had diarrhoea following 5 laxatives (!) but since then have had 2 normal bowel motions a day, fingers crossed it continues!
Update: Bowel has behaved itself since it’s slow start & at the the time of writing (Jan 2020) I eat pretty much anything I like & have 1 or 2 normal bowel movements a day. My first year colonoscopy, blood test & CT scan all came back clear on 23rd January 2020, just over a year after my initial surgery. Feeling grateful & blessed

In Feb 2021 my second year CT scan showed a potential problem with my liver. MRI showed benign haemangioma, confirmed in a follow up MRI recently. No more scans til March 2022!

April 2022 - clear scans! Onwards & upwards!