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Female 58 y.o.

I was diagnosed in October this year with an adenocarcinoma in my colon having had no symptoms. A routine blood test I have due to medication monitoring for psoriatic arthritis, identified I was anaemic and my Rheumatologist asked my GP to investigate. GP visit led to urgent 2 week referral and a colonoscopy and CT scan quickly followed. The shock of seeing the tumour on the screen was quickly outweighed by the fact they I was lucky it had been found.

I had a right hemicolectomy on the 10th November (21 lymph nodes removed) with my ovaries and tubes taken at the same time as a precaution as the CT scan identified cysts.

Post surgery when I met with the colorectal nurse, I was told I was Stage 2, T3, N0, M0. However I was also told that although initial histology showed nothing in the blood vessels near the tumour, the histologist had a ‘sneaky suspicion’ that wasn’t the case and was doing additional stain tests. This confirmed her suspicion that there was evidence of invasion into the blood vessel and I was EMVI + and would need mop up chemotherapy.

I had a very positive call with the oncologist on the 22nd Dec, who advised I was very low risk of recurrence but with cancer there are no grey areas - there are either risks of recurrence or no risks hence the recommendation for chemo. The chemo will reduce the very low risk by an additional 30% so whilst minor benefit, any additional reduction in my opinion is worth it and the oncologist agrees. I am due to start 8 cycles over 6 months of Capectabine in 2 - 3 weeks time. Consultant has already said if I have a poor reaction to treatment he would have no concerns about stopping it and discharging me back to the surgical team for the 5 year monitoring protocol due to the small amount of additional risk reduction the chemo will give me. I am feeling very positive about things and grateful to the NHS for the speed they have identified and dealt with my cancer.
19/01/21 - started 1st cycle of chemo today - Capecitabine 2500mg twice a day. Also advised I was KRAS mutant.

08/03/21 - I was really ill with diarrhoea and tummy cramps during cycle 1 due to chemo toxicity resulting in cycle 2 being deferred by 1 week. Dose was reduced to 1800mg twice a day, and although I did have some diarrhoea and cramps this time I was able to manage it as I was given loperamide with my chemo tablets this time and buscopan by my GP which enabled me to nip things in the bud.

01/08/21 - finished chemo on 6th July and had post chemo CT scan on 12th July. Had to chase for results as oncologist has left the trust and miscommunication between him and colorectal nurse but eventually found out scan was clear and no further treatment required. Been told by oncologist I have a 10% chance of recurrence so spinning that on its head a 90% chance of it not! Great news. I have my first follow up/monitoring call with my colorectal nurse at the end of the month so onwards and upwards from here onwards.

18/08/21 - had follow up call with CNS - to the best of their knowledge I am now Cancer free and now on the monitoring regime. CT, Blood Tests and Colonoscopy in Nov and then something every 6 months. To say I am happy and feeling extremely lucky that the cancer was caught early and dealt with so quickly is an understatement.