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Female 61 y.o.

I have been diagnosed with bowel cancer . I am seeing my oncologist for the first time today and hopefully setting out a chemo plan .
I was very surprised to be told I had cancer as it had not occurred to me that I might have it . I had been unwell for the last year . I started having tummy ache in June 2016 and lots of bloating . I put it down to acid reflux and lived off Rennies and Gaviscon , even with a bottle by my bed .I tried cutting out various foods , but no better. This was getting worse and by New Years eve the not keeping food down promoted me to see my doctor . She thought it was an inflamed stomach lining and prescribed tablets. After 2 months of these , no better and referred for an endoscopy . I had lost 2 stone by then . I went away on holiday to Iceland in March and was so poorly and weak I went to see another doctor. who then took action and pushed my endoscopy forward as urgent (was a 7 month wait list).This showed nothing and was sent for a CT scan . I then had a phone call to see the consultant the next day who said I had bowel cancer . By this time I had lost 5 stone and was very anemic . I had blood and iron transfusions and ended up having emergency surgery and a right hemi-colostomy. We have seen a great oncologist and I am about to start my chemo and I have put weight back on and am eating and enjoying food again . My husband and cats are keeping me sane (most of the time) and I this is a great support group .
July 2017 . Dukes C 3 staging T4bN1 M0
Evidence of vascular invasion and poorly defined .
August 2017 . Pulmonary embolism right lung
August 2017 started Capox chemo . Eight three week cycles

Latest update :

February 2018 - Completed six chemo cycles but had to stop the Oxy due to peripheral neuropathy.
No scan after and took a while to get to any normality.
Still have severe pain on my right hand side and in April contacted by colorectal nurse as I was in so much pain and was told it was probably scar tissue. Which they could do nothing about and it might improve.
June 2018. So much pain insisted on an early six month scan.
July 2018 no one to review my scan and in so much pain. Went to the Surgical Assessment Unit at Queens Hospital Burton and after a very long wait my scan was reviewed by the head bowel consultant who said there was a cancerous mass approx 7cm by 5cm between my right hand side by my colon and into my pelvis/hip. Also signs in my peritoneal. Said he couldn't operate on it and referred me to their Palliative Care for pain relief.
August had PET scan to see if it had gone anywhere else, but still told not operable.
August saw my oncologist at Queens and she reviewed it all and immediately referred me to Mr Youssef at Good Hope hospital, Sutton Coldfield. To see if he could to cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC.
Saw Mr Youssef and after colonoscopy showed no other growth agreed to surgery.
September 2018. Admitted to Good Hope (which is only 6 miles away) and after 7 hours of surgery all removed. The growth had gone into my right hip area and nerves damaged removing it affecting my right leg but just glad it’s all been removed.
During operation two biological meshes implanted. Left hand side from belly button round left flank. Right hand side, belly button again and stapled to my pubic bone and all round my back. Evidently I am full of stitches and staples holding it all in place as so much was cut away.
September saw Mr Youssef and confirmed all removed from peritoneal and saw Mr Browse the mesh man and he was happy with his work l Had a drain in place for 3 weeks and now removed . Six monthly scans agreed to monitor any further developments.
Now just concentrating on getting better, trying to walk with my weakened leg but so glad my oncologist referred me and I now have future. Even though there is a 50% chance of it coming back I can live with that.
November 2018 . Saw new oncologist the margin between the tumour and my pelvis was less than 1mm so I need radiotherapy and chemo . So five days a week for five weeks .