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Female 55 y.o.

I’m 54 years old female - married - with a 23 year old daughter - work in Admin role as a home worker for local council.

Diagnosed late May 2021 after a few very stressful years with bereavement and illness in the family including mental illness- started feeling very tired and slight stomach pain which got worse after eating but thought this was due to stress or IBS until I became very breathless even after walking for 2 minutes and GP found I had severe anaemia - had to be rushed into hospital - hb level extremely low - given 3 units of blood and an iron infusion and then a barrage of gynaecological and other tests.

Finally getting the colonoscopy end of May was thinking at worst it would be a stomach ulcer but showed the dreaded tumour. Husband and I in a state of shock

Had extended right hemicolectomy on 15 June which went well and no stoma and so far have been recovering well. 51 nodes were removed and none were positive. Am very grateful to all of the NHS staff at RVI Newcastle involved in my care.

Results after surgery were T4N0M0

Trying to walk a bit every day as eating better now so building up strength.

Due to start mop up chemo - capecitabine tablets only - for 6 months - on 18 August and feeling a bit daunted /scared but at same time eager to get going with it.

Oct 2021 started cycle 3 of course of 8 - Chemo - side effects so far haven’t been too bad. Quite tired some constipation at start of cycles then touch of diahorrea on tablet free week 😟 slightly sore dry hands and feet. Early days yet but roll on February πŸ’ͺ🀞🀞