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Female 57 y.o.

Dukes C1 T3 N2 M0
Diagnosed Mar 2017 at age 52 - no prior symptoms, picked up on routine bowel screening

Sigmoid colectomy May 2017
40mm tumour
22 lymph nodes removed - 5 cancerous
Oxaliplatin + Capecitabine Jun-Dec2017
Will be followed up for 3 years.
Peripheral neuropathy in hands got worse for 2-3 months after chemo ended then very gradually improved.
CT scan Nov 2017 at end of chemo clear
Colonoscopy May 2018 clear
Liver u/s Jul 2018 clear
CT scan Dec 2018 clear
Routine bowel screening 2019 clear
Liver u/s scan Jun 2019 clear
CT scan Feb 2020 clear
Liver u/s scan Jun 2020 - cancelled as no longer part of routine follow-up (NICE guidelines). Bloods ok.
Final CT scan Jan 2021 clear, bloods ok. Discharged from oncology follow-up.
To continue routine bowel screening.

Routine bowel screening 2021 clear (delayed 7 months due to Covid-19).

Colonoscopy due 2023 (5 yrs).