Kim Dazed but Plucky

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I am from Liverpool but retired to deepest Devon sometime ago. I am a 64 year old and have always tried to keep fit and healthy. I love to walk the Coast with my doggy Tink, and go to the cinema when covid allows..

I have recently ( last 4 months) had bowels / movement changes, weight loss, blood in stool / anemia and incredible tiredness. I also have a very noisy stomach and dull ache low down in it..

I had a second bowel cancer stool screen about two weeks and I was put forward as an urgent potential BC person. I was when told, and am now still, in a degree of shock I think. I hope I can learn more about my condition etc, in this lovely community of what clearly are very nice and caring people.

Finally, I am terrible worry bead of a person, but aim to terribly nice as well. Love to All. Kim :x: