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Live in lovely Norfolk with my partner. One daughter and a 3 year old grandson. Diagnosed November 2015. Colonoscopy showed 2cm tumour in rectum. Had low anterior resection and ileostomy on 17th December. Spent Christmas in hospital due to Ileus. Yuck. Histology T2 N0 so stage 1. Very thankful. Reversal carried out 19th March. Follow appointment 8th June. CEA 1.3.

First year CT scan December 2016 all clear. CEA 'unremarkable'

Second year CT scan December 2017 all clear. CEA ‘unremarkable’

Third year CT scan December 2018 all clear. CEA still unremarkable.

Colonoscopy January 2019 one small polyp not cancerous.

Reading the above it sounds so unremarkable and succinct but it was hard and I think about it most days.

Next colonoscopy in five years. Hoping this journey is done.