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Husband had right hemicolectomy April 2016 (Dukes B/T4 NO Mx).

Only symptoms terrible anaemia characterized by hacking cough and horrendous night sweats. Two GPs sent him home with iron pills and codeine linctus for several months. Who says the public need to be made aware of bowel cancer symptoms?
Treated with Capecitabine but no Oxaliplatin.

March 2017 nurse refuses to endoscopy to check Barrett's Oesophagus because heart rate is 32 bpm (was only ever 46 - we used to joke he wasn't quite as fit as Bjorn Borg).
I am very cross that after bowel operation followed by chemo and hernia repair no one thought to treat this condition.

Months to get pacemaker fitted and then DVLA take another five months to restore driving licence.

Mar 18 discovered to have one metastasis in liver. PET scan is 'indeterminate' and scan report says mucinous tumours are inavid and need to be closely monitored. Can't have MRI because of pacemaker.
June 18 Liver MDT will not consider him until after another CT scan in Dec!