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Female 51 y.o.

My husband who I have been married too for 25 years has just been staged with a T4N1 M1 primary bowel, liver mass of metasis and a nodule on the peritoneum, currently bowel and liver inoperable .

Current Onc states, Chemo for 6 cycles folfiri and irinotecan reassess and scan to see how the Cancer has responded or 1-2 years to live, no other options or trials.
Mmmmm we will see!
Our journey now begins!!

Cycle one 7/11/2017 side effects first 24 hrs, very wobbly on feet, bowels constipated for 4 days, then very very loose for 3 days, now constipated

Cycle two 21/11/2017 same as above minimal hair loss too

Cycle three 4/12/2017 just a case of managing the stools, balancing constipation vers too loose, hair loss still occurring, fatigue has started on day 4 after treatment, lasting for 5 days

Cycle four 19/12/2017 well still all the above but now chemicals / effects seem to have increased his intolerance levels, this is to everything, and everyone, this also includes over enhanced hearing, not able to tolerate /be in the same room if our dog walks across the room, the dogs feet on the floor boards go right through him, I think we may need to go back to our Docs and ask for the dose of antidepressants to be increased, it took me 90 mins to get him to come into the car today, I am trying very hard to help balance some kind of life alongside treatment, this is so damn hard and if we remain inoperable this may be our new norm.

Cycle five 02/01/2018
No chemo today Neutophiles too low

03/01/2018 A and E temp 37.8 then in A and E went down to 35.6 IV antibiotics also fluids, chest :x:-ray and so on, came home temp still unstable taking it every hour.

March 2018 Full removal of bowel with a permanent stoma
April 2018 Liver resection Basingstoke 2Nodules Basingstoke
November 2018 Liver resection 6 Nodules also attached to the diaphragm ( bile duct complication, resulted in surgical drains for two months ) Basingstoke
February 2019 Left side lung ablation 4 Nodules Basingstoke
February 2019 Watch and wait right side 2 Nodules
May 2019 Right side Lung Ablation 4 Nodules Exeter
September 2019 stable scan 🎉🎉🎉🎉 our first sign of stable
January 2020 stable scan WOW hard to believe

February 2020 Hubbie is starting to decline, continuous cough and other signs that cause me to phone our nurse, she managed to get us scan in 24 hrs and low and behold cancer has returned to liver and lungs, ( how was he stable in January)

Watch and wait because of covid -19

April 2020

It is now looking as though we are going back onto chemo, first line apparently did not work( even though it shrank the bowel and liver tumours ready for surgery), so we now move onto second line of treatment Capox is the new regime

July 2020
Scan after 4 cycles in indicates 30% shrinkage across the liver and lungs, we continue now on this regime.

January 2021
Scan shows disease progression, some areas of cancer remain controlled by Capox but there is a new nodule that has appeared on his lungs currently 1cm, looks like we will be moving onto a new chemo regime.