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15/8/18 - went to Drs with pain in left lower abdomen (similar to stitch or pulled muscle). Dr mentioned diverticulitis and sent me to hospital for ultrasound. CT scan revealed diverticulitis but also thickening of sigmoid colon, along with blood results and anaemia, possibly cancerous........real shock as no other symptoms.
21/8/18 - Sigmoidoscopy showed cancerous growth....numerous biopsies taken.
30/8/18 - CT colonoscopy
31/8/18 - MDT met to discuss, definitely cancer and will arrange operation.
5/9/18 - meeting with surgeon to discus operation, which will be open surgery as looks like large bowel is adhered to small bowel.
27/9/18 - Operation....removed part of large bowel and small bowel and temporary stoma.
9/10/18 - meeting with consultant to discuss results. Confident all tumour removed, nothing in lymph nodes but in some blood vessels (extra mural vascular invasion - EMVI), therefore suggested chemo.
24/10/18 - meeting with oncologist.....very confused as he says little evidence of any real benefit for someone with my results (not in lymph nodes but EMVI). Wouldn't give me a straight answer if it was have to go back in 2 weeks with my decision.
25/10/18 - research time me thinks!!!!!
9/11/18 - back to see oncologist, I’ve decided to go for the chemo. So will have 4 sessions of Xelox/Capox. Just waiting a start date now.
30/11/18 - 1st chemo session, oxaliplatin I’ve drip & then 2 weeks of capectitabine tablets.
2/12/18 - bad reaction to oxaliplatin, ended up in A&E, severe neuropathy & larynx spasms.
7/12/18 - back at hospital to check in coping ok with drugs. They’re going to reduce next oxaliplatin dose to 80%
21/12/18 - 2nd IV due & seeing oncologist. Because I’m still having some side effects from the oxaliplatin, oncologist has decided to just give me the capecitabine tablets for this round. He’ll see me before next round due on 11th Jan.
9/1/19 - saw oncologist & he’s reducing my dose of oxaliplatin to 50%
11/1/19 - round 3 & 2nd infusion, the reduction has made the world of difference. No larynx spasms at all, limited neuropathy and nausea but totally manageable. Got to see oncologist again on 30th Jan before my 4th & final round is due.
24/1/19 - MRI scan of liver.
4/2/19 - MRI liver scan all clear, putting me on a 3 monthly scan routine......woohoo!
2/9/19 - routine CT scan showed something on my right lung, PET scan required.
30/9/19- PET scan - it’s cancer!
18/11/19 - operation to remove upper lobe of lung.
24/12/19 - was definitely bowel cancer but no need to further treatment. Lovely Christmas present!