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Hi. I am 60 yrs old living on Rutland /Lincolnshire border.
Jan 2020 Blood test showed anaemia so GP referred me for tests.
Feb 2020 tests confirmed cancer in ascending colon. Fortunately CT scan showed no spread.
March 2020 Op to remove the cancer - right hemi colectomy, fortunately the operation took place just before lockdown. Histology confirmed cancer in 1 lymph node - encouraging only 1 out of 27.
Staging T3 N1 M0
May 2020 Started chemo. Should be Capecitabine tablets plus Oxaliplatin, however due to another illness I have the Oxaliplatin is not suitable so having Capecitabine only, 8 :x: 3week cycles.
Chemo due to finish 14th Oct 2020!
Surveillance scans brought forward due to mucinous aspect.
CT scan 21st Oct 2020 - results clear!
Colonoscopy 30/1/21 - no evidence of recurrence.