Liz Blakelands

Bowel cancer patient
Female 66 y.o.

diagnosed with rectal cancer Feb 2018, low anterior resection with covering loop ileostomy pT3 N0M0 mucinous adenocarcinoma, adjuvant chemotherapy, reversal of ileostomy Feb 2019

I had always been fit and health, with none of the risk factors, picked up by the screening program when I was 62. When first diagnosed and discussing the need for a ileostomy the Colorectal nurse told me to think of it as a year out of my life. I dealt with it becauseI had to and got on with life but the relief when I had my reversal a year later. Took about 9 months for things to really settle down after reversal and for me to deal with the new 'normal'.

I never returned to work and am enjoying my retirement.

Feb 2021 3rd year anniversary CT scan clear.