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Female 57 y.o.

I had right hemicolectomy for stage 3 bowel cancer Nov 2019 , followed by 4 sessions of chemotherapy,Jan to March 2020. After having a clear scan in June I have now been informed after having some niggly rt upper abdominal pain and noisy bowels, booked for a CT scan beginning of Nov. I have stage 4 bowel secondary tumours in my left groin, below kidney and tiny? node in rt lung .
I will now need more chemo and have been referred for possible HIPEC surgery at Basingstoke Hospital. Quite devasted as I was told the tumour which was an adenocarcinoma, had all been removed last year and the post surgery chemotherapy was just a
" mop up " job.
Had a colonoscopy last Saturday and awaiting results. Chemotherapy should start at the end of Jan.